Spin, Swim, Smile

I swear, it doesn’t matter what time I go to bed. The 5:00am alarm is still freaking early. I’m an admitted “snooze button” girl. I have to wake up gradually. If I was running, today would be considered a Recovery Day. We’d slowly run about 7 miles just to get the distance, This morning, I’m somewhat glad I chose not to run. It was a very brisk mid-30s as I hopped into my car and begin the journey to the gym for 5:45am Spin class. I got there about 5 minutes into the warmup. We proceeded to do a strength and speed workout today.
6x progressive hill climbs out of the saddle up to 90% max HR, about 1 min rest in between
6x speed sprints
6x progressive hill climbs
3x speed sprints
cool down

I didn’t have my heart rate monitor this morning so I was working from my rate of perceived exertion. It takes me a while to get up to 90% on a spin bike so I’m sure I never really hit it. I’d say I stayed near 80%-85% or about a 7-8.5 on the RPE scale. I was working, but I didn’t feel like my heart was beating out of my chest. After all, this is a recovery day and I wanted to rest my weary legs. Besides, I think some spin classes can be brutal on your knees, especially when the resistance is up really high and the instructor is yelling “push, pull, push, pull.”

After spin, I went and stretched independently for about 10 minutes and relished in the fact that it was 7am and I had already rocked out to Loverboy, Gwen Stefani, Missy Elliott, Will Smith and other cheesy music while spinning those legs!

Tonight began Week #2 of my Swim Clinic. On Sunday, coach Maurice from Austin’s Total Technique Training (www.austint3.com) videotaped us both above and below the water. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my form is pretty darn good. Too bad I’m still slow as hell!! Tonight was more of the same…drills, drills, drills. Here’s what I’m discovering about swimming. It is one of the few workouts that you finish and actually feel invigorated and refreshed. After a hard run or bike ride, I am spent. My legs hurt, my lungs hurt, I’m done. After a good swim workout, I feel alive. It doesn’t hurt that we’re swimming in an outdoor heated pool in February. This revelation begs the question for me, “Why do I dread my swim workouts?” Several reasons come to mind:
-We all put off what we’re not good at doing. I’m a below average swimmer. Therefore, I procrastinate as much as possible.
-I was overweight and very big-chested as a young girl. I’m still haunted by the stares, finger-pointing, name calling and general horror of being uncomfotable in my skin. To this day when I put on my suit, I’m convinced all eyes are on me.
-It’s the middle of “winter” in Austin and it’s not bathing suit season
-I’ve taken classes before and they’ve never worked. Why will this be different?
-Swimming is so ritualistic. With running, I can put on my shoes and go. Anywhere. Swimming isn’t so convenient. You have to drive to your pool, change clothes, face the bathing suit horror, put on the cap and goggles, adjust to the water and still think about all of the mechanics of swimming.

All that said, I can honestly say that I may be breaking through the mental swimming barrier one drill at a time. Coaches Chrissie and Maurice are amazing and I thoroughly respect their instant feedback on my work. Who knew there was so much involved with this swimming thing?
GOODNESS FOR THE DAY: Showing my friend Susan the condo that my boyfriend and I are interested in buying. Then, going back to work to hear a message from the builder that they want help with their Marketing!


7:15am 1 cup of kashi Go lean Crunch/Uncle Sam’s/Cheerios combined, 1/2 cup fat free vanilla yogurt, 1/2 banana, coffee. 1 bottle of water with packet of Crystal Lite Orange.

11:30am piece of whole grain bread with peanut butter . One bottle of water with 1/2 raspberry Crystal Light pack (it makes water so much tastier!)

1:30p Chuys! Dinner Salad with Salsa, 1/2 burrito with grilled chicken, blue corn tortilla, a little sour cream and a couple of diet cokes.

4pm cup of sugar-free Jello, bottle of water

6:30pm 1/2 Clif Bar, 1 cup kashi Go Lean Crunch/Uncle Sam’s/Cheerios, 1/2 cup fate free vanilla yogurt

9:15pm 3oz of red wine to wind down.

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