It Takes Flat Stanley to Make Me Feel Well-Rounded

Anyone know who Flat Stanley is? Well, he just spent a week with me in Austin. He’s basically a paper doll/school project. My niece in Columbus, Ohio sent him to me. The gist? He spends a week with me as I go about my life. I’m supposed to snap photos with Flat Stanley at various places around town and then write a brief journal about all of the places we visited. I send him back and Nikki gets to present her fabulous Flat Stanley journal to all of her friends and classmates.

I had so much fun with Flat Stanley! Not only did he make me want to see some of the cool things in Austin again (that I take for granted), but he also made me realize how fulfilling my life is. As I broke it down and wrote about each photo, I realized that I’m doing everything I’ve ever wanted to do with my life. I’m active, I’m fit, I have a cool job at an Ad Agency, I’m acting and making others laugh, I have a wonderful boyfriend and I live in an amazing city. Plus, I have the freedom to do all of these things. Hell, if I wasn’t me, I’d want to be me…and that’s a good thing.

I’d love to attach my journal as a word doc, but I don’t know how. Anyone? Anyone?

On another note: Amy, Ann and I ran a 14 miler this morning at 6am. It included the mentally draining Scenic/Mt. Bonnell hill. Climbing Mt. Bonnell on foot only takes a couple of minutes, but climbing it in your mind takes an eternity. There’s nothing like getting to the top and looking out to the sunrise over the rest of Austin.


5:15am Whole wheat bread with PB and J
9:00a.m. Espresso with Splenda–yummy
12noon Turkey and provolgne wrapped in whole wheat tortilla
4pm Spinach salad with vinagerette, tuna salad, jello sugar free pudding
8pm Homeslice Pizzeria-they say you can splurge on one meal a week. This was clearly my meal! 2 glasses of red wine, ceasar salad, 2 1.2 slices of LARGE pizza with garlic, spinach, cheese and sausage. Some definite carb and fat loading, but boy did it taste good after a hard week!


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