Feeling a bit under the weather today on this Valentines Day and did not get up for spin class. Fear not though, I do have swim class this evening at 7pm! My boyfriend Shawn and I are spending a romantic evening in the swimming pool working on stroke and balance drills. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong kind of stroking drills!!

Swim class continues to go well, but who knew it could be so freaking complicated! I think my DNA strands are more simple than the bits and pieces of a swim stroke. Elbows high, legs straight, lead arm low, don’t forget the catch, make sure the stroking arm goes toward the water before you begin the catch, rotate, balace, breathe, don’t lift your head…YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of that to make one stroke. No wander it’s a challenge for me. I can say with some confidence that I’m absolutely starting to notice a difference in my stroke and style of swimming. We haven’t started using the pace clock just yet. This clinic is all about drills, drills, drills. I love it and I’m happy that I’m doing the class.

I do have to get creative for this weekend because I’m volunteering at the Freescale Marathon on Sunday. Therefore, I’m able to go to the Saturday swim clinic at 7:15am. I’m also supposed to squeeze in a simple 20 mile training run this weekend as well :-). I may actually attempt a Friday morning 20 miler. If I’m running by 5am, I could still be in my office by 9am.


7:15am Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Uncle Sam’s combined with Fat Free Organic yofurt
11am -chocolate covered strawberry (does it help that it was dark chocolate and the smallest strawberry in the box?)
11:30am cup of dry kashi go lean crunch
2:00pm Valentines Day lunch with Shawn at Fino: appetizer:1 piece of pita bread dipped in a couple of different things–hummus, yogurt dip, eggplant dip
lunch: polenta, marinara and chorizo dish–very tasty and spicy
dessert: yep-he and I split a piece of tiramasu with white chocolate crumble on the top. It was excellent
9:15 pm (after swim class) 2 lettuce wraps from PF Changs and 1/2 cup of brown rice, 1/2 glass of red wine.


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