Oil, Lube and Filter

Today is one of those days where I feel incredibly fortunate to have a flexible job and an understanding employer. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately and completely rundown. Not one for being whiny, I’ve been keeping up with my work and my workouts as best as possible. This morning, I got up and went to 5:45am spin class. I showed up about 5 min. late and was surprised to notice that they were already post-warmup and into their first sprint. The instructor was apparently pushing it a bit this morning since so many people tend to leave early. Once again, I chose not to wear my heart rate monitor and just work on perceived exertion. I want to work hard, but not too hard. For now (early in the training season), I’m simply trying to get my legs used to the bike again. After class, I spent a 1/2 hour doing abs and weights. We cancelled our core class for tonight since so many people who attend are on the Freescale Marathon committee. Needless to say, since the Marathon is on Sunday, they are slightly busy. What’s ironic is that I’m very quiet at the gym. I don’t belong to any little clique of people who are there the same day. I go in, do my workout and leave. So, it wasn’t until after I got home and said “good morning” to my cat that I realized that I don’t have a voice! Well, I have a voice, but it resembles that of an 80- year old woman who is still smoking Camel Non-Filters. And, I don’t want to be the woman who says “good morning” to her cat with a smoker’s hack. That woman is mean and sad and frightens little children.

My goal was to get my car to the oil change place early and be at work by 8:45am. Wrong again. At 9:00am, I called work and had to tell them that my car was just being finished. I was noticing that I was still really tired and my body felt like it needed its oil changed. If I was running the Marathon this weekend, I’d be in full panic mode right now. I made it to work in time to make my usual bowl of cereal at 9:15 and head out to a client meeting with my boss. It lasted almost two hours so we decided to grab lunch around 12:30p on our way back to the office. My boss was like, “Didn’t you just eat breakfast?” That was like 3 hours ago woman. This machine needs fuel. Like any good engine, you have to constantly feed it the good stuff.

Lunch was an odd mixture of food because we went to Kerby Lane Cafe, which is known mostly for its breakfast. We ended up splitting a Gingerbread pancake and then I ate a hummus/tabouli taco with salad. I felt refueled, but still not right. My voice sounded horrible and I was beginning to feel like I sounded. Plus, I was anticipating the two workouts that I have to complete over the next 24 hours–my swim class and a 20 mile training run at 5am on Friday morning.

Deb just looked at me and said, “Get your work done and get out of here.” That’s exactly the prescription I needed. I went back to the office and worked feverishly until about 3pm. I met Shawn at Runtex where we redeemed my Valentines Day present–a brand new pair of Asics Gel Nimbus shoes. They’re new for me so we’ll see how it goes for the run tomorrow! I may run the first half in the new shoes and the 2nd half in the old ones just to break them in a bit. I got home and slept from about 4p-5:30p

I’m getting ready to leave the house for swim class and my personal tank feels about 1/2 full. I just ate some veggies, tofu and brown rice and a little left over pad thai.

Let’s hope my engine gets me through the next two workouts. I’d hate to have to take it in for maitenance over the weekend.


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