You Know You’re An Athlete When…

1.) You run 20 miles on a Friday Morning before work and then proceed through your day as if that type of activity is “normal.” I can only say that because I successfully knocked out my long run this morning in 3hrs 2min (avg 9:17 pace per mile–perfect 1 min slower than Marathon Goal Pace). I started at 5am with Amy and I was at my desk by 9am! We started at Runtex and ran the Scenic/Mt. Bonnell loop for 14 miles. Mt. Bonnell is so much more tolerable when you’re climbing it in the dark. We then tacked on another 6 by running Amy’s “Capital Loop,” which is the Congress Ave. Loop with a 2 mile up/back on Congress Avenue heading towards the Capitol Building. You do get some funny looks from business people with their Starbucks, commuters in their SUVs and homeless folks as you are striding up the road in the middle of downtown.
A funny thing happened today. I bit the dust with .50 to go! I can understand if it was still dark, but NOOOOOOOOO. We were ending our run and of course it was right next to a busy road with several disgruntled downtown workers heading to their jobs. I didn’t clear a rock and bit it. Luckily, it wasn’t bad at all. I’m sure I made someone’s day on their way to work. I can hear it now from the State Employee…”There’s one more reason not to exercise! It’s actually dangerous!” I’ll just chalk it up to the fact that I had 19 1/2 miles on my feet at that point!!

Here are some other funnies…


2.) The word “Garmin” comes up in conversation at least once a day.
3.) You can say the word “fartlek” in mixed company without giggling.
4.) You eat a PBJ sandwich, cereal, apple, banana and Clif Bar and then ask your work friends where to go for lunch.
5.) Winning the lottery would mean free shoes, a new bike and new apparrel for life.
6.) Your vacation plans include the phrase, “And then after the race, we’ll…”
7.) A workout time change from 5:45am to 6:00am is considered serious sleeping in time.
8.) When someone asks, “What are you doing this weekend,” you immediately think of your training schedule above anything else.
9.) The first question people ask you these days is, “What are you training for NOW?”
10.) You want to have kids, but aren’t sure which events to schedule them in between.

To all my Freescale Marathon Runners. Best of Luck! I’m with you in spirit.


4:15am (pre run): 1/2 bowl of oatmeal, whole wheat bread with PBJ, 12 oz Gatorade Endurance

5:00-8:00am: 2 Clif Shots

8:45 am: Jamba Juice Matcha Green Tea Mist Smoothie (yummies) and hand full of Cinamon Rice Chex

12:15p: Sushi from Whole Foods–Spicy Tuna and Avacado with brown rice, bottle of Propel fitness water

4:00pm really hungry! PBJ on Whole Wheat and Apple

7:30pm A serious hodge podge of food…polished off the chicken/tofu pad thai, tuna wrapped in whole wheat tortilla with lettuce and fat free cheese, 1/2 cup of tempei chili from Whole Foods. (It is freezing in Austin so I had to have chili) , fresca and 1/2 glass red wine


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