Somedays I just feel so SLOW!

It was the day after the Freescale Austin Marathon and pretty much no one showed up at Runtex, including Coach Gilbert. Apparently, he had an incredibly rough marathon yesterday and I later learned that he was on a plane to Orlando as part of his publicity tour. With no specified workout, we had two choices on this cold drizzly morning.
(35 degrees): go home and go back to bed-or- bite the bullet and run. Amy, Clint and I ran. We decided on the usual 7 mile I-35 loop. We started slow and after two miles, decided to pick it up a bit. Clint was long gone. That’s what happens when you run a 3hr marathon. Amy and I trodded along and wondered why it felt particularly difficult today. I point to a couple of reasons:

1.) We were overdressed…2 pairs of pants, heavy running jacket, hat, gloves. After 5 miles, we were pretty darn hot with 2 miles still to go.

2.) We had just run 20 miles 2 days before. duhhhh…We just don’t give ourselves enough credit for such a long run and how it depletes you physically and mentally.

3.) The previous week was difficult in general: 1000m repeats on Monday, tempo run Wed, 20 miler on Friday, three swims, 1 official core workout and one spin class.

4.) Haven’t been feeling well. It didn’t help being out in the cold and drizzle while volunteering at the Freescale Marathon.


We still ended with a very respectable 8:40 overall pace for the 7 miles, even though it felt like we were pushing it harder.

I’ve got my core workout tonight and then Shawn and I are joining some friends for a birthday/post-marathon dinner at Matt’s El Rancho. I promise to stay away from chips and queso. I repeat… I promise to stay away from chips and queso. Notice that I didn’t say anything about margaritas. I’m trying to eat a lot early so that I won’t overeat too much yummy Mexican food.

5:15am whole wheat tortilla with PB
7:15am Small Sugar Free Vanilla Cappuchino-yep, afraid to admit, it came from a gas station coffee vending machine. Not sure where that irrational craving came from.
10:30am tuna wrap with spinach and fat free cream cheese
3:00pm Left over chicken stir fry with brown rice and veggies.
6:00pm 1/2 cup cottage cheese/pineapple chunks
8:00pm no more than like 5 chips and a teaspoon of queso!!! YAY!! I actually showed some restraint!! I even ordered the “ultra-lite” chicken fajitas served with broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and squash… 1 1/2 corn tortillas, salsa and 2 glasses of red wine (I opted out on the margarita action)


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