No "Mom Jeans" for Me!!

No “Mom Jeans” for ME!!

I’ve never been a “dressy” kind of girl. I learned at an early age that having four big brothers and no sisters required me to be feisty and scrappy. Yep-I was a bigtime tomboy. I was always more comfortable in a football uniform than a dress. No Barbies for me. Hell, when you’re being chased in the backyard by four brothers in a rousing game of neighborhood kickball, you can’t be tripping over your Laura Ashley dress with patton leather shoes. You have to haul ass with the best of them!

To this day, I love wearing comfortable clothes without the confines of hosiery, suits and pointed high heel shoes. I, for all intensive purposes, am “a jeans girl.” (Of course, that’s not when I’m in spandex cycling shorts and cool max apparel.) I know I speak on behalf of most women when I talk about the difference between all of the jeans we own.

“Fat” jeans: These are larger-sized older jeans that just make us feel so very comfy. We’d wear them everyday if we could. They go well with the huge sweatshirt from college with Greek letters that we’re still hanging onto. These jeans are particularly comfortable when you are in full-blown PMS-mode.

“Skinny” jeans: These only come out on special occassions when you are feeling particularly sexy. You bought them small on purpose with the hopes of fitting into them on a regular basis. They always feel a bit snug when you put them on, but after a while, you settle into them. You almost NEVER wash them because then you have to start from scratch again.

“Just In Case” jeans: I still own a pair of Black GUESS jeans. I last wore them when I was a freshman in high school in 1988! (I have a photo from a Taylor Dayne concert in these jeans) See, I went through a big-girl stage during and after college and I outgrew them. Those black GUESS jeans became the “I’m going to fit in these again someday” jeans. Well, it’s been several years and not only are they almost 20 years old, but they are also freaking huge on me now! I want to throw them away, but I just can’t. They represent how far I’ve come and I can’t wait until Black GUESS jeans come back in style because I am set!

It’s amazing how many different brands of jeans there are. I’m not the hippest cat in the litterbox, but I am familiar with some of the cool brands.

Lucky Jeans: Perfect name because you have to be lucky enough to be able to afford more than one pair. Same goes for Seven Jeans. The amount of numbers in your salary has to be at least seven to keep affording these. I’d love to be hip, but I’m also very practical. I’m more of a GAP jeans girl. They just fit me the best. I’m 5′ 1″ on a good day and their short length fits perfectly. They’re the only jeans I’ve never had to get tailored and even when I was a size 14, their jeans still fit (even on this 5′ 1″ frame)!

The way I feel about my body changes on a daily basis. Somedays I feel so strong and athletic. Other days, all I can see is the belly goo that seems to protrude from my gut. My jeans are like my friends at these moments. Some give me comfort, room and compassion, while others are relentless and unforgiving, exposing every weakness. Some jeans make me feel bad about myself and others just make me feel bad-ass. No matter what kind of “body image” day I’m having, I’m thankful that I have a pair of jeans for any of them. I never know which “friend” I may have to pull out of the closet. I just hope that someday it’s another pair of Black GUESS jeans and not “Mom Jeans!”

See attached photo and video from Saturday Night Live.

Workout: Core Class from 6p-7p, Swim class from 7:15p-8:30p

Nutrition (very hungry today for some reason!)
6am handful of Kashi
9:20am Kashi/Uncle Sams with yogurt and blueberries, bottle of water.
1:00pm spinach tortilla with green chili hummus and turkey and another bowl of Kashi/Uncle Sam’s combo with 1/2 banana and yogurt
2:00pm Diet Coke
6:55p 100 cal balance bar
8:45p 3oz chicken breat, 1 cup veggie chili


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