Hit Me Like a Ton of BRICKS!

This weekend was a slap in the face for my triathlon training! Weather was great in Austin–a bit hot (88-90), but certainly not excrutiating.

On Saturday, Shawn and I did a bike/run brick. We rode about 23 miles on South Mopac/Veloway. I hopped off the bike and ran 3 miles. The bike was extremely tough for me. My back has been sore and I still don’t have my seat adjusted correctly. I’ve got to get it taken care of soon because I can’t put in long mileage right now. As usual, the run felt much better after about 10 minutes. Those first few minutes off the bike are a killer, making you question why we do this in the first place!

Sunday morning was brick #2. God Bless Barton Springs Pool. It’s such a good open water simulator. Shawn and I got out there around 9am, slapped on the wet suits and began an agonizing 3/4 mile swim! Wow…swimming 25 meters in a pool is a heck of a lot different than doing 1/4 mile without a wall. I know that and it still shocked me. It was as if we both forgot how to do this wetsuit open water stuff. I didn’t wear a watch because I just really wanted to get out there and see what I had. I practiced some of the drills from T3. I worked on my touch-pull-roll style as well as my catch under the wall. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t find a good rhythm with my breathing. Every 3 strokes, every 5 strokes, every stroke…very inconsistent. The good news? I finished the 3/4 miles. The bad news? I’ve got a way to go! After the swim, Shawn went off for a 5.5 mile run and I mounted the bike for a 45 minute ride into hills and a headwind. I was actually just going to grab some coffee, but I wanted to get back in the saddle and face the wind demon. I understand Eagleman is nice and flat, but very windy! No time like the present to practice. I headed out from Barton Springs Parking Lot and rode South Mopac to the Greenbelt turnaround and came back. The first few minutes were painful from yesterday’s ride. My butt ached…I eventually got adjusted well enough, but not great. I’m still hunting for that “sweet spot” on my new bike. It may involve a new seat that’s more female friendly.

All in all, it was a decent weekend, but it illustrated that I definitely have some work to do. I’m overly confident in the run, but the swim and bike promise to be a challenge.

Saturday 3/11 Nutrition:

8am slice of leftover pizza with canadian bacon, spinach, cheese, broccoli, tomatoes and peppers
small veggie sausage patty, coffee, bottle of water
11:45am 1 teaspoon of organic PB, turkey wrap with spinach
1:30pm 1 clif shot during ride and medium Sonic Powerade slush post-workout.
7pm South Congress Cafe dinner: house salad with dressing on side, split bowl of Wild Boar Chili Pozole with Shawn including 1/2 flour tortilla. Entree was jalapeno venison meatloaf, asparagus, carrots and about 1 table spoon o mashed taters. Dessert: 4 semi-small bites of chocolate raspberry torte and coffee. My drink was club soda with splash of cranberry and lime.

Sunday 3/12 Nutrition:

8am bottle of water, turkey with spinach on whole wheat tortilla, mustard sauce (probably had the most calories)
12 noon-diet coke, 3 hamburger sweet pickle slices, 1/2 breakfast taco with 1/2 whole wheat tortilla, egg beaters, salsa, spinach and fat free cheese…fresh fruit including apple, pineapple, canteloupe and grapes. Bottle of water with 1/2 crystal lite.
7:00pm Firebowl Cafe for my usual Sunday night cuisine of chicken stir fry with veggies, ginger white wine sauce and brown rice on the side.


2 thoughts on “Hit Me Like a Ton of BRICKS!

  1. dang it. your sunday workout would have been PERFECT for me. my swim gal bailed on me, so i, of course, bailed on my swim. and i already had my wetsuit packed and ready for barton springs. AND i was wanting to ride afterwards. dang it. j

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