15 mile Run

Yep–it was cold this morning. Well, it was “Austin-cold.” When I left the house, the news said it was 34 degrees outside…Raise the Panic Shields-there was a freeze alert! I’m a native Ohian. I can handle this wimpy temperature. However, I’ve been in Texas for almost eight years now so cold is cold. I bundled up…tights, nylon jacket, gloves and winter cap (not my usual baseball cap). I actually parked my car at work and took off from there. It’s only 1/4 mile away from Runtex, which is where I usually start. My goal for this morning? 15 miles at a brisk pace. I was doing the usual Scenic/Mt. Bonnell loop which includes plenty of hill climbs for a brisk morning. It was an out-back run with me backtracking the same way I came (No Exposition). All in all, I had a fantastic run cardio-wise. My breathing felt good and steady. Mechanically, I was a little off. I attempted to run in my new Asics Gel Nimbus shoes again and they’re just not the best long distance shoes for me. It’s time I accept it and move on. I just love the shoes, so I keep trying. No such luck…

I even had a “Rocky” moment this morning. I kid you not! It happened when I finally made it to the top of Mt. Bonnell Road. There was no one else on the road except for me and the rising sun over Lake Austin. I literally pumped my fists in the air because it was such a powerful feeling. I know…I’m a big dork, but we’ve all had those moments of quiet personal victories. For me it was dragging my ass out of my warm bed, reaching the highest point of my tough run and being greeted with a view that made it totally worth it. I am the “Eye of the Tiger.” 🙂

On my way back to town, I actually ran into Running Richard on Lake Austin Blvd near Hula Hut. He was just beginning his ascent into the hills. I was happy that I was on my way home. We’re both going out of town this weekend which is why we did our Long Runs today. I doubt that “Long Run” should be capitalized, but I give the term the respect it deserves. I picked it up for those last few miles and finished strong. Again, I was feeling great from a cardio standpoint. My hamstrings and knees were pretty sore by the end. I hopped in the shower at work and literally greeted my boss as we both stepped on the elevator at the same time. She just looked at me and said, “You ran this morning, didn’t you?” I said very sheepishly (and I admit somewhat pretentiously), “Only 15 miles.” Her only reply was, “You Suck.” And with that, my Friday began on a good note.

15 Miles in 2:05:58 (avg 8:24 per mile)–That’s Boston Qualifier pace overall!!

Mile 1 9:06
Mile 2 9:06
Mile 3 8:15
Mile 4 8:34
Mile 5 8:52
Mile 6 8:09
Mile 7 9:07 (can you guess which mile this was?? Mr. Mt. Bonnell, of course)
Mile 8 8:37
Mile 9 8:21
Mile 10 8:15
Mile 11 8:02
Mile 12 8:07
Mile 13 8:08
Mile 14 7:36
Mile 15 7:35


4 thoughts on “15 mile Run

  1. Great work!! BTW, yes – you did pronounce my “name” right…OK, I’ve lived in Austin just as long and I have no idea what route you ran. Any chance you gmap’ed it? Any chance you could shoot me the link?

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