Dollar Bills Anyone? (A bit Risque)

Thursday night means a jaunt over to Runtex at 6pm for our Ladies Only Core Classwhere we squat, lunge and work the abs like nobody’s business…I guess it doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be Ladies Only. That’s just the way it is. Besides, with the size of our poles these days, most guys would be intimidated to walk through the door. However, I must say, the view of us lifting, squatting and otherwise making love to our rods would rival any Gentleman’s Club anyday! Demi Moore can kiss my ass because we are looking HOT! The only thing missing? A few dollar bills to take home with us at the end of the night.

Spring is in the air and bathing suit season must be around the corner because several of us moved up in our body bar weight tonight. Tonya, Di and I hopped up from an 18lb bar to a 22lb bar…Stacey is holding her own at 15lbs. Even Melanie was forced to go from 12lbs to 15 lbs tonight for some of the arm sets. The big winner? (as usual) Our fearless leader Jill! Girlfriend went from a 24lb bar to 27lbs in just a couple of weeks. And you know what? She did almost every rep from lunges, to squats, to chest presses, to skull crushers. That rocks. Her weight bar is almost 6 feet long! She almost had to have her own corner of the room. Hell, if I had a 6ft long pole, I’d WANT my own corner of the room 🙂

She also had the line of the evening…”Who knew it would be so hard to get this pole up?” Believe me sister, if any guys were watching, it wouldn’t be difficult at all.

You Go Girls. As usual, our core class rocked…even though I didn’t get any $$$ at the end of class.


4 thoughts on “Dollar Bills Anyone? (A bit Risque)

  1. dang you are funny…:-) we must have been typing at the same time…i just updated my site, too. your’s is better. i want to be like you. i’ll bring the dollar bills next time. j

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