Power-Couple Wannabes

Kudos to my boy Shawn for kicking ASS at the “Stand Up for CASA” 5k we ran in San Antonio on Saturday!! “Texas Monthly” Magazine was a sponsor of this race series and my friend Kim works there. She invited me and Shawn to run as part of the “Texas Monthly” contingent. Apparently, she knows that I’m a sucker for a race. Actually, it was also a perfect opportunity to go to San Antonio and spend some time with Shawn’s parents as well. I’m proud to say that we both finished 2nd in our respective age groups and were the proud recipients of award winning medals!! Granted, we were racing in the “Fattest City in the Country” and there were only 300 people in the race, but I’m very proud of our achievements, especially Shawn! I train my butt off to run fast and he made it look easy! If this is any indication of Boston, those Kenyans better watch out 🙂


I ran a 21:41 for a 6:59 pace (actually, my Garmin measured the course long at 3.27 miles for a 6:39 overall pace–I like that one better!!)

Shawn ran a 23:07 for a 7:26 pace


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