Boston Speed

I finished up last night with another 30 minutes of abs and weights. I never actually got around to running or swimming. That’s ok…I still have plenty of time for triathlon training. My first tri isn’t until Memorial Day anyways so I’ll still have a good 5 weeks of solid training after Boston. I’m mainly concerned about improving the swim anyway at this point.

This morning’s Gazelle workout sounds complicated, but thanks to the Garmin, I had the ability to program the entire workout ahead of time and we just had to listen to the beeps. We did this one once before and it’s actually pretty fun.
Totalworkout: 10 Miles
20 min warmup
2 x 10 min Marathon Pace with 2min jog in between
3x5min Half Marathon Pace with 1 min in between
10 x 1 min pickups with :15 in between
Cool down rest of way

Amy, Tanya, Marcy and I ran as a pack and we let the Garmin do all of the work for us from a timing standpoint. It’s amazing how the conversation went from casual marriage talk to nothing as we continued to listen for the beeps.

Here’s how the speed sections broke out. Once again, I sense a little bit of glitch on one or two of them:

20 min warmup 9:11 pace
10 min MGP 8:17
10 min MGP 11:44–no freakin way
5 min HMP 7:49
5 min HMP 7:20
5 min HMP 7:39–very questionable
1 min 7:32, 6:12, 8:10, 6:47, 6:21, 6:15, 8:34, 7:13, 7:14, 7:05

Overall–a great workout and we finished that portion in 1:14:30 for an overall pace of 8:37. That includes the warmup and rest intervals.

5am piece of w.w. bread with organic PB
8:30am cup of brown rice and veggies, chicken, coffee
11:30am chocolate protein shake
1:30pm salad with tuna, 1 small slice of pizza on whole wheat crust (canadian bacon, spinach, broccoli, sundried tomatoes and peppers), 1 small lemon bar…4 bottles of water
6:45p Shady Grove–Lemonade, 1 nacho with cheese (yuck!), Large dinner salad, hamburger (I already had my cheese fill) with 1/2 bun…ketchup, mustard, pickles, lettuce
9:30 1/2 cup of dry Kashi–I had just bought some and had to open it!!


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