Analysis Paralysis

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with choices that I just shut down. In today’s world, we call it “Analysis Paralysis.” We just have too many choices and options…about everything! Take something as simple as yogurt. We’ve got yogurt in a container, yogurt in the form of a smoothie, yogurt you can just squirt directly into your mouth from a tube (so vile)…There’s sugar free, fat free, fruit on the bottom, fruit mixed in, no fruit… Next time you’re in the store, just look at how many choices you have for chewing gum alone! Beef Jerky comes in about four different flavors for Heaven’s Sakes. I guess you have to figure out how to make dried beef taste good somehow! Of course, I equate these choices to food because as athletes, we’re always contemplating our next meal.

As an athlete (or athlete wannabe), we’re also always contemplating our next workout. More specifically, as TRI-athletes, our choices of workouts grow even more complicated! Today, do we swim, bike, run or brick? Now, what type of a workout is it? Endurance, Recovery, Tempo, Fartlek, Intervals, Easy…Should I do my core workout today or hit yoga and pilates? What about weight training? Sometimes I think it would be easier if I just hated exercise. The only choice would then be “American Idol” or “The Office.” The myriad of choices is also why I love the sport. There’s a huge puzzle in front of us and every piece builds a little path to the start line of our chosen event. Truth be told, I love the training more than actual race day. Sometimes the stress can be stifling. The race day is the dessert for all of the hours spent in the kitchen making the pie.

“Overwhelmed by choices” is how I felt this morning. Yesterday, I ran a pitiful 7 1/2 miles and did about 20 minutes of ab work before going to bed. As I contemplated my Tuesday, I went through all of my options…swim in the a.m. and bike after work, core in the a.m. and swim at lunch, spin class in the a.m. and swim at lunch, etc, etc. I definitely know I wanted a swim and some core. The cycling can wait a bit as my legs continue to recover from the weekend and prepare for Boston. In the end, I chose to get up and do 1hr of core this morning at the house that included biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, squats, lunges (with my 22lb weight bar) and about 20 minutes of abs on the ball.

I went to the Y and swam for approximately 45 minutes at lunch.
500 warm up
10 x 50 on :10 (avg between :58 and 1:05 per 50)
drills/active rest
6 x 50 on :10 (same avg range)
drills/cool down

Total Yards: 1650 including warm up and swim down

Once again, I was tired and my form was suffering slightly at the end, but I really wanted to keep drilling. I decided to call it a day before my form digressed further into habit forming bad strokes. As it is, I’m constantly working on keeping my elbows high instead of swinging my arms out.

I had a lot of choices today and two of them were to workout or NOT workout. I’m glad I chose the former.

6:30am 1/3 cup dry kashi
8:00 am1/2 whole wheat tortilla with egg beaters and 1 piece of veggy cheese
11:15am chocolate protein shake
1:30pm 1/2 Clif bar on way to pool
3:30pm Zen Stir Fry with brown rice, chicken, egg, broccoli and onion–4 bottles of water in the afternoon, 1/2 cup of dry kashi again! (feeling very hungry today!)
8:30pm cup of pasta with beef and chicken, onion, tomatoes, diet root beer


One thought on “Analysis Paralysis

  1. Reading some blogs for inspiration. Love the profile…makes you hold abck on the ‘damn those men’ comments when they help you get to a place this good! 😉Good luck with the training..choices…. I hear you!

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