I will expand with more time. Right now, I’m looking forward to slamming a pizza and some wine 🙂

I had two PRs today:

Personal Record: 3:35:04 (beating my previous 3:37:00 in Chicago)
Personal Revelation: Dreams can come true with hard work and perserverance.

In summary, I wasn’t feeling great the first half of the race. The miles seemed to drag. Once we hit the hills at Mile 17, something just clicked and, in the infamous words of my coach, I “dropped the bomb.” My original goal was 3:45…Once I started picking up pace I thought, “Well, hell, now that I’m this close, I should at least try to qualify again.” I started running 7:30s like a madwoman. At that point, I knew I was close to my PR so my mind switch to getting the PR. I just dropped the hammer as much as I could and kept up the 7:20-7:30 pace for the last 5 miles.

Y’all (in my best fake Texas accent), I crossed the finish line with energy to spare. I give credit to Coach Gilbert and the Gazelles for kicking my butt into gear for this race. He made Heartbreak Hill seem like a bump in the road.

More later…

Boston ROCKS!! I love you Mom and Dad 🙂


7 thoughts on “Wow…

  1. That’s awesome! I watched many Austinites pace progression and definitely noticed that you were picking things up. Huge congratulations!– another Gazelle

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