Bad Mojo (or just last night’s salmon!)

This just doesn’t appear to be my week, does it? I met Shawn for dinner last night at 8pm for my Salmon Ceasar Salad from Zax. It’s my favorite thing on the menu. I order it 99.9% of the time. I even splurged with a glass of vino. All was well…I was home at a decent hour and thinking about my talk for the City Employees. In bed by 10:45am and looking forward to 5:45am spin class/treadmill brick workout. At 3am, all hell broke loose and I woke up with those awful stomach cramps reminiscent of something in a meal that has gone drastically wrong. Pretty much up the rest of the night and into today. I’m still in bed with my laptop on my–well—lap. I missed a radio production session, but they emailed the spot and it sounds great. Thankfully, because it starts Monday…My stomach is still unsettled. I’ll be fine for a while and then I’ll be forced into the fetal position with odd pains…not really cramps, but pain. I desperately need Pepto Bismol or Tums or something, but I’m afraid to leave the house to get it. Hopefully, Shawn will get off work around 2pm and deliver the goods.

I’m supposed to attend a happy hour/dinner tonight with some of my Gazelle Buddies to celebrate Boston. Sadly, the thought of greasy mexican food and margaritas only makes me want to curl back into that fetal position. Hopefully, I’ll feel the reprieve by then!


Minus some salmon and salad
3 ritz crackers


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