Now, I’m Inspired!

I just returned from giving my talk at the City of Austin “P.E.” group. Over 100 city employees have gone through a training program and many of them are set to run their first official 10K tomorrow! They were excited, nervous and most of all, inspired to continue with their training once this race is complete. Thanks to my running pal Erine, I was asked to be the guest speaker of the event. Before I even took the mic, I listened to other people’s stories of conversion. One woman talked about how her cholestorol level has dropped from this program. Another woman spoke that her Blood Pressure is now in the “normal” range when it was considered dangerously high just a few short months ago. These are real stories of people who are transforming their lives the HARD way. It made me a little modest about getting up there today because my story is nothing spectacular. I suppose that’s what makes it inspiring for regular old folks like you and me. I was heavy and depressed and through exercise, I have transformed my entire world. I hope that I conveyed effectively to these people…

I’m just honored to have been asked in the first place. I received a wonderful email from Erine that just made my year. The letter he is referring to is my “Ode to my Alter-Ego” that I wrote in my Valentines Day blog. It is a love letter to my former self.

Hey Carrie–

Thanks so much for coming and speaking. You did a fantastic job, and more than 1 person came up to me, who had not previously registered, decided to do so after listening to you. I’m sure I can speak for everyone when i say thanks. Your story was amazing, especially the letter and there wasn’t a sound in the room.

Anyway, thanks again for everything!

See you soon.


2 thoughts on “Now, I’m Inspired!

  1. Wow Carrie, what an honor, huh? and the chance for these people to hear your ‘ordinary’ story, is what will inspire I’m sure what they think is their ‘ordinary’ lives. You are selfish to share. What a generous heart!

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