Obsessed Like A Teen

I’m exhausted and I didn’t even work out today. I’m like a 14-year-old boy. I think about health, fitness, training and food as much as an adolescent male (and most adult males) think about sex. A five minute period doesn’t go by where I don’t think about my next meal or my next workout. Let’s take today for instance, which is ironic since today was actually a “rest day” and I shouldn’t be thinking about it at all.

I slept in until 6:30am knowing that I wasn’t running, biking or swimming this morning. The alarm went off and the first thing I thought was, “Get up and do some core work.” Yes, it’s a rest day and I still felt like I had to do something. I got up, turned on the coffee pot and without thinking, immediately poured a bowl of cereal. I wasn’t even really hungry because I’d had my fill of sushi the night before. It’s just a normal routine to eat something as soon as I get up and before I work out. So, I eat my dry kashi in between sets and reps of upper body work with my weight bar. I’d do a set of bicep curls, eat a bite of food. I’d do a set of shoulder presses, eat a bite of food. The whole time I’m obsessing about the fact that I’m eating without really being hungry. I’ve turned into a mindless food machine.

I had an 8:30am client meeting following by a 10:00am client meeting. By 11:30am, I was starved. However, I had to exchange my swim fins for a smaller pair. I stopped by Lane Four Swim Shop to take care of business. The bigger fins were giving me calf and charlie horse cramps as I had to work hard to keep them on my feet. Not good. I debated about stopping somewhere and grabbing food or just going the cheap route and eating something at work. I headed back to the office and immediately ate my leftovers from yesterday. I was going to eat a PBJ, but chicken stir fry sounded so much better. Of course, so did the small piece of chocolate that I also ate.

My boss had brought in her ab ball so I grabbed it and am using it for my desk chair. It’s my subconscious way of working that core. Every now and then, I’d lean back and do some crunches. My co-workers already think I’ve left my mind at the train depot. This confirms what they think. I’m obsessed. While sitting at my desk, I email some of my running buddies. “What’s the plan for tomorrow morning? I’m in for a slow 10-12 miles.” Replies come in immediately. 6:30am at Runtex. Perfect. Maybe I can swim at Barton Springs afterward. Stop it, Carrie.

By 3:30pm, I’m hungry again. Slightly concerned about that since I didn’t actually burn a bunch of calories this morning. Why am I so damn hungry? I drank 3 bottles of water. Nope, that didn’t really work. At 3:30pm, my coworker handed me a packet of Weight Control Oatmeal and says that this Banana Bread is her favorite flavor yet. I can’t resist. With plenty of protein and fiber, I feast. She’s right. That’s good stuff.

It’s 4:15 and I’m thinking about dinner. I’m not hungry, but I’m planning ahead. I’ve got a long run and swim in the morning. I should probably eat some pasta or some whole grain something or other. No drinking planned tonight since I had some saki and a glass of wine last night. I just can’t handle my liquor like I used to!

I checked out all of my usual blogs and read their daily updates. I read entries from athletes who talk about 2 and 3 workouts per day, track splits, 3500m swims at 5:30am, weight sessions, etc.…My first reaction is, “You people are insane!!!!” Then, I look in the mirror and smile…and think about dinner again.

6:30am Bowl of dry Kashi cereal
11:45am left over chicken stir fry and a Spring Roll, piece of chocolate
3:30pm 3 bottles of water and a bowl of banana bread oatmeal
6pm 1 frozen margarita (so much for that non-drinking thing. It was Cinco de Mayo afterall), a couple of chips, dinner salad with salsa as dressing
no dinner after that–finally I was full


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