Keep Tri-ing

It’s Race Week! The Capital of Texas Triathlon is a week from today and I’m actually starting to get nervous. I did what I shouldn’t have done. I looked at my results from last year and started strategizing how to beat myself! How bad is that?!? It’s not really a fair measurement since the course will be slightly different and who knows how weather conditions will be. Heat and/or rain can change EVERYTHING. This is the part where the mortal person comes out and says, “Will you just quit obsessing and enjoy it? You’re not going to win, ok? Get over it.”

I should be tapering this week, but have decided to train through it and make this my last hard week before the June 11th Half-Ironman, which is technically my “A” race. So, after Saturday’s 14 mile run, Sunday’s 54 mile bike/3 mile run, I got my butt out of bed this morning and met Amy for a 7 mile run around Town Lake averaging 8:26 per mile. I hate to admit it, but my knees were sore (duh). Mostly a dull pain. I’ll lay low on running this week and focus on swimming. That’s a good thing because I have Swim Class tonight. As usual, I can think of a MILLION things I’d rather be doing, but I’ve gotta go! I even turned down sushi karaoke for this class tonight. I better have a good workout or next week it’s “I Will Survive” with a spicy tuna roll and plenty o’ sake.

5:15am 1/2 w.w. tortilla with PBJ, banana
9:15am 1 cup kashi with yogurt
12:30pm chicken stiry fry and brown rice, body for life bar, 3 bottles of water
4pm apple with peanut butter and cup of coffee
6:30pm 1/2 body for life bar
9:15pm Fantastic Foods Vegetable Miso Ramen Noodle Bowl


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