Felt great after swim class last night! It was a good solid workout…Form getting better, breathing getting easier, I’m getting more distance per stroke. I was averaging 2:10-2:13 per 100. Not blazing by any stretch, but lightening fast for me. If I kept it up for 800m, I’d finish a 1/2 mile in approximately 18 minutes. Not bad considering most of my 1/2 mile swims during races have been in the 20 minute range. Positive feedback from the coaches also seems to be helping. Whether or not I’m actually improving doesn’t really matter, but when the coach says, “Looking good,” I can’t help but believe it.

Got up and went to 5:45am spin class this morning for a combination of speed work and hill climbs. Kept my HR right around the 82% mark for most of the workout. Peaked at 90% on some of the sprints and recovered in the low 60% range in between intervals. That’s one thing I’ve noticed. I recover fast in between intervals. The instructor will say recover to 80% and I’ll already be at 70%. That’s a good sign that my ticker can recover quickly. Let’s just hope it doesn’t plummet too quickly someday!! Then I know I’m in T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Went home and did upper body and abs.
No intense running or cycling this week planned. Just a few light days of each…gotta make those legs feel good for Monday!

FYI–Embrace your freedom of speech today and go buy the new Dixie Chicks album. Best stuff I’ve heard in a long time. www.itunes.com

5:15am w.w. tortilla with PBJ, coffee, 2 bottles of water at gym
9:30 am cup of kashi with blueberry yogurt, coffee, small piece of chocolate (Mother Nature has unleashed her fury on my female parts this week! A girl needs her chocolate)
12:15pm Reps from a radio station brought lunch. I had a chicken caesar wrap on whole wheat tortilla, fruit cup, 1/2 cookie and 3 baked lays.
4pm Body for Like Shake and couple of small pieces of chicken
7:30pm Dinner at Zax–a small piece of bread, steak salad with blue cheese and vinagerette….oh yeah–3 cosmopolitans with stoli vanilla vodka and 1/2 piece of cheesecake–oops!! (it tasted so good)


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  1. Unleashed her fury….too funny! Great job on the swim. It’s such an aerobic challenge for me. I keep pluggin at it. I need to get into a program with a coach. Great music…. I LOVE Dixie Chicks! Keep it low until the race!

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