(I Hope I Don’t) Live in a Yellow Submarine

Is it possible to get a divorce before you ever get married? Hell, is it possible to get a divorce before you ever get engaged?? If so, I’m a prime candidate for being dumped and left out in the cold!! So yesterday, Shawn called and asked me to meet him at the “h.i.p.” (house in progress) to look at some paint colors that they had slapped up on the wall. By the way, yellow is the hardest color in the world to pick!! WELL, I looked at the clock and realized that between traffic, needing to go home and grab my suit and getting to swim class by 7:15pm, there was NO WAY I could meet him in time. “I promise I’ll look at it after my run in the morning. I swear I’ll go by there and give you my opinion.” Well, of course, after my run this morning I decided NOT to go by the house because I was running short on time. Instead, I decided I would drag my bosses over there at lunch and get their opinions on the colors.

So, after a fabulous sushi lunch with some radio friends (thanks Jammin 105.9!), we headed over to the house to pick the best possible color of yellow there was. Well, wouldn’t you know it?? They had painted over every ounce of yellow!!! EVERY ONE OF THE SAMPLES WAS GONE!! Apparently, they’re getting ready to texture the walls and don’t care whether we’ve selected Butterscotch, Sunburst or Clothespin yellow.

So, I had to call my sweet and ever so patient boy and tell him that I had failed in my “Not Wife Duties.” What a humorous twist of gender roles! While he’s comparing the merits of yellow hues, I’m off swimming and running. Of course, he’s doing all of that too!! He’s just able to keep it together a little better than me….

So, if I come home from training to a house full of “Live Strong Yellow” or “Citrus Ice Passion,” I have no one to blame but myself.

5 mile slow run this morning with Kim, Kelly, Thon and Richard

5:15am 1/2 w.w. tortilla with PBJ
8:30am Kashi with blueberry yogurt, coffee
12noon Sushi–assorted stuff!! you know, the usual.
4pm Couple of caramels because I needed something sweet.


4 thoughts on “(I Hope I Don’t) Live in a Yellow Submarine

  1. I am with you on the yellow! We picked a bunch of cool colors for our place but I swear the yellow was the HARDEST! The room I’m in now has it along with some blue, and since my husband’s a Michigan fan, I’m convinced that’s why he talked me into it. ha ha Way to get those workouts in! 🙂

  2. Ouch….yellow IS a killer. Sounds like loads of fun though! I say swim, run and train. The paint WILL always be there! 😉

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