Paying for a Round Trip

So, I took a flight last night. In fact, I took a round trip flight last night. A new wine bar in Austin called Cru recently opened up and I had an early Happy Hour with my two bosses (I love working with friends!). We went there after work to discuss “business.” At Cru, they offer various wine flights, which consist of three 2oz samples of various wines. Each flight is the equivalent of one glass. So, I took a flight of Riesling wines. Because it was hot, sunny and we were sitting outside, I wanted something cool and refreshing. Rieslings offer the sweet tasty desert-style feeling. So much so, that I finished those samples and took another Riesling flight. By this time, Shawn had joined us and we were having a blast on a gorgeous holiday weekend afternoon. My boss’ husband decided to show as well, so our little “business meeting” quickly turned into a soiree of sorts. Since we were all downtown, we decided to have dinner together at the new Italian restaurant that was open next door called Taverna. Well, I still had to atone for the sins from earlier in the day. Shawn had picked up two new yellow paint samples and he wanted to go put them on the wall so that we could make a freaking decision once and for all!! Of course, I couldn’t say “no” since I had botched it so bad earlier in the day (see previous post). Luckily, the house is nearby so we took off and took care of that project and then headed back downtown for dinner. I ended up ordering a cosmo with dinner, but pretty much nursed it the entire time. Remember when I didn’t drink an ounce of alcohol for 6 weeks before the Boston Marathon??? Well, I’m making up for that now apparently even though I have two tris coming up in the next three weeks!! Shawn and I split a caesar salad and our entree which consisted of pasta, shrimp, spinach and sundried tomatoes in a white wine sauce. Being the athletes that we are, we were both looking at the skimpy 1/2 portions we shared and said, “Now, what’s for dinner??” I ended up stealing a piece of pizza from Pat to tide me over. All in all, it was a fabulous night and I was still home and in bed by 10:30pm.

I woke up this morning about 6:30am feeling a tad groggy, but I managed to make it to Barton Springs for a 2000yard swim nonetheless (5 laps). I was definitely paying a price for my flights from the night before. Oddly enough, my lap splits were the best I’ve had in a while, except for #5 which was a swim down to focus back on form. I was pleased with a 9:36, 9:31, 9:47, 9:36 and 10:01. My form and breathing felt good. I was treating this long swim like I do a long run…Nothing fast, just putting in the time.

I’m feeling good about Monday’s Olympic Distance Tri. I had lunch with my friend and a fabulous Multi-sport coach Allan and he put some lingering fears to rest. Basically, with the hours and training I’ve been putting in, I could be doing a full IM right now. I told him I was putting in between 10-15 hours per week. It was between 16-20 hours when I was training for Boston. Allan, being a minimalist, informed me that the most hours he put in when training for IM Lake Placid last year was 10 hours! He also gave me a goal–to try to chase his ass down on the run since his wave starts 1/2 hour ahead of me.

Let’s just hope I don’t take anymore round-trip wine flights between now and then! This plane is grounded for a couple of days—-oh yeah, except for the fact the I have tickets to the Bobaritaville festival tomorrow, which includes free margaritas.


Workout: 5 laps at Barton Springs Pool

6:45am w.w. tortilla with PBJ, bite of clif bar
8:45am bite of clif bar, bowl of kashi with blueberry yogurt
12:30pm lunch with Allan at Zen…chicken teriyaki with veggies and brown rice, 1 spring roll
2:00pm a caramel because I needed something sweet.


One thought on “Paying for a Round Trip

  1. Holy S*@#…. I gettin old because those days of drinkin and functioning (let alone training)the next day are over. Thank God the drinkin’s still alive and well 😉

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