Officially in race mode after a couple of days of food, frolicking and fun. I’m not even going to journal what I’ve been eating, but suffice to say, if tortilla chips count for carb loading, I should have a kick-ass triathlon Monday morning! Saturday morning began with a slow 10 mile run on Town Lake with Thon, Richard and Mike. They are officially my running lovers. I probably didn’t need to do 10 miles, but really wanted to spend the time out there on the trail. In a desperate attempt to keep the route as flat as possible, we did a disjointed 10 mile loop that included some of Lake Austin Blvd, Enfield and Exposition (so much for no hills). I’ll blame it on the humidity, but it was a pretty rough run and we averaged a 9:06 mile. Thon would blame it on the margaritas and lack of sleep he had the night before. As per usual, the gang headed out for Saturday breakfast tacos at Mi Madres and we were joined by Hava, Shawn and Stephanie for yummy breakfast tacos. We spent most of Saturday taking house tours with friends who are also building houses. Later, Shawn and I went to the Bobaritaville Music Festival and sampled margaritas for an hour or so. I did good and really only had the equivalent of ¾ of a glass. That was a good time and I wish we could’ve stayed longer, but we were meeting the same breakfast gang for a tour of Mike’s house and then dinner at Cantina Laredo…More tex mex ensued!! I did have ½ glass of wine at dinner and had to leave the gang to pick a friend up at the airport who was just arriving back home from his honeymoon in Carmel. In unusual fashion for me, I actually met the gang back out around 10pm as they had proceeded to another bar. Realizing that it was time to be good, I abstained from drinking.

This morning started with more fun and a Wedding Shower for my good friend Genny at Stubb’s BBQ’s Gospel Brunch. Any guilt about not going to church was quickly erased when the band started playing and people started singing along. “Be Good to others and they’ll be good to you,” the band sang with gusto and soul. Both Monica and Katy from our party headed to the stage and sang on micwith the band! They might be as white as can be, but they had rhythm and soul today!! It was great to see Genny as she prepares for her July wedding in upstate NY. I truly miss her since she moved away last year to Portland.

After brunch (where I hydrated on water, coffee and diet coke), it was time to head to the Triathlon Expo….where the story continues and the real hydration begins…


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