The Eagleman Has Landed!

I’m absolutely beat, but preliminary results are:

Swim: 49:58 I was totally trained, but COMPLETELY unprepared for the 3 foot waves in the bay. The Race Director called it the hardest swim ever. Even the pros were 5-6 minutes off from their usual times. It became more survival than swim for many of us.

Bike: 3:03 ish (18.6 mph avg) It was very windy today, but the course is flat, flat, flat. I spent the entire time in aero.

Run: 1:44 (8:00 min pace) That was exactly where I wanted to be for the run.

Total time with transitions (which I don’t have memorized at the moment)

My previous best was a 6:22 so I’m thrilled! Believe it or not, it was still only good for 32nd in my age group out of about 80. I guess that’s what happens when people like Natasha Bahdmann and Chris Legh do this race.

Believe it or not, in a strange twist and turn of events, I also received a slot to the Inaugural Ford Ironman 70.3 National Championship this November in Clearwater, Florida!

Full Race Recap coming soon…Bottom line–it was a good day mainly because I didn’t drown 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Eagleman Has Landed!

  1. I am so proud of you!! It sounds like it was really tough, but you obviously prevailed. Congrats also on your qualification!!! YEAH BABY!

  2. All that and you still pulled out and eight minute pace for the half? Carrie, you are my inspiration! Enjoy every minute of Florida – and everything else along the way. Totally kick ass PR, as well. Is there anything you don’t do well? 🙂 Just kidding, if there is I don’t think I want to know. It’d spoil the hero-worship.Coming back this weekend for our long run, or taking some deserved time off? Maybe an easy recovery seven tomorrow or Thursday?

  3. Great race and WOW you are fast on the run after all that mileage. I heard on GYGO that you are a Buffalo Springs veteran. I am set to jump in June 25. Would love any pointers you could offer.

  4. We were Chris Legh’s homestay and even he said “It wasn’t very pleasant”. Congrats on a great race. Sounds like your hard work paid off.

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