Swim and Core Day

My Mom says my posts are too long and complicated so I’ll make this one short and sweet. Of course, this comment also comes from a woman who has no earthly idea how to use a cell phone, because she also thinks they are too complicated. I’ll take it for what it’s worth. (love you Mom!)

I started back officially to T3 Swim workouts this morning at 5:45am. I’m going to tackle the swims in the morning as much as possible this summer and fall. I swear I almost turned back around and headed straight back home and into bed. I spent the entire commute dreading getting into the cold water and being the slowest. However, I then spent the majority of workout absolutely loving it (ok-except for any freaking kicking drill!) I especially love swimming with fins because it’s the only time I feel like I’m getting anywhere with speed and grace. I say any sport that you actually need to wear apparatus to make you look like the animal you’re emulating proves that it’s not a natural sport. By the time I put on a black rubber wetsuit, swim cap and fins, I pretty much look like a whale! Maybe tomorrow I’ll wear a gazelle costume to run class in order to move quicker! I don’t know what I’ll do to cycle faster. Buy a tandem and strap Lance Armstrong on the back?? God knows he’s somewhat of an animal!

Class ended at 7:15am and I swear I didn’t want to get out. The morning was that beautiful. It’s good to be back and I have to hold onto that feeling everytime I’m dreading it.

Tonight, I actually had the good fortune of having NOTHING planned after work. I did, however, do a 45 minute core workout complete with arms, legs and abs work to the beats of the latest podrunner podcast. I’m swear, if you want to get lost in a workout and make the time fly by, download some of these great mixes at www.fitpod.com or www.djsteveboy.com . They keep the HR thumping.

I’m off to do the real sexy glamorous things like unloading the dishwasher, dusting and putting laundry away. I’m inching ever closer to getting my place on the market so I must prepare (i.e. make it spotless).


3 thoughts on “Swim and Core Day

  1. How exciting…get rid of the old place and into the new! I would LOVE to meet up next time you’re out here.. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see Austin to!) I just finished my blog then read yours…. it’s a little scary..;) get back to the dishes!

  2. No offense to your lovely mother, but pay no attention to her. Blogging is supposed to be an exercise in expressing yourself, not brevity. Sounds like a great workout.

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