My Baby’s Sick

If you read my entry from June 19th about the Eagleman Race Expo, you learned that there was a while where I didn’t think I would be racing the next day because, for some reason, the hub of my wheel was scraping against the fork of the bike when we reassembled it. Something just wasn’t fitting correctly. The wonderful on-site mechanic from worked a miracle and somehow got a small separation so that there was no rubbing. Well, I went to ride yesterday for a bit and I noticed it was rubbing again. Yes, it’s been over two weeks since race day and I’m just now getting back in the saddle (literally). The front wheel just doesn’t fit right in the fork. Instead of fitting in the center, it is stuck towards the left brake. I’m speculating that the fork was bent in shipment to the race. This is so not good. I took it into Jack and Adam’s last night and they appeared to confirm what I was thinking. The fork may be slightly warped. He also confirmed what I was thinking…”It ain’t good.” I left “the mango blur” in intensive care with the doctor/mechanics at the bike shop and they said they would take a look at it and see what they could do.

So, while you’re praying in thanksgiving for all that is good and you’re praying for world peace and an end to hunger and hatred, say a little selfish prayer that the “mango blur” is only suffering from a sprain and not a broken bone. I don’t think a cast will fix it.

On a better note, swim class this morning was great. Several people were back after their races this weekend and shared their own personal victories and horror stories. We did lots of warm up drills with and without fins. Our main set was a 300 at 85% effort (6:45 for me) and 6 x 50s on the :15 interval. Basically, I was swimming the 50s in about 1:00-1:02. Not bad for me…
Total workout= 2700m 5:45am-7:15am

We also have a T3 Happy Hour tonight after work. Since I don’t really know many of these people, I’m planning on stopping by and sharing a toast. It’s hard to converse when your head is submerged in water for over an hour and the only conversation you share between sets (and breaths) is, “I suck at this drill. Why don’t you go ahead of me.”


6 thoughts on “My Baby’s Sick

  1. I saw the title of today’s blog and thought “huh, that sucks that Shawn is sick”. But noooooooo, turns out that “my baby” is your bike. I hope Shawn is ok with this.

  2. Flowers and all correspondence can be sent directly to me :-)I’m glad I’m getting out of town for the weekend. I dont’ want to know the outcome of this one.

  3. Carrie… where are you going in So CA…..I really am bummed I won;t be around. I’d love to try and get together! Next time!!!!!!

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