Footloose Extravaganza

Saturday started as I expected (even better actually). I was mentally and physically prepared to run 14 miles including the infamous Mt. Bonnell hill, but Coach encouraged us to only run 12 miles since this coming week was going to be HARD. We could run 14 “if we wanted to,” but it wasn’t necessary. Most of us, including me, opted out of the Mt. Bonnell portion of the run. Instead, we suffered through the humidity with slow miles up front and picked it up at the end. It was a tough run. My legs felt fine, but my cardio couldn’t keep up and breathing was difficult through a lot of it, even though I wasn’t running nearly as fast as I could. Fortunatey, that appeared to be the universal sentiment so I didn’t feel all that bad about it. Many of us were suffering together.

After completing the 12 miles, we did our usual strides and then Coach had us doing balance drills for almost 1/2 hour before we even stretched! Lots of knee lifts, “higher open” drills with our legs, skipping, etc…all in the name of opening our hips and preventing injury. Although the stretching portion of the morning can take upwards of 45 minutes, it is so imperative to feeling good afterwards. My legs feel great this morning, like I could run a marathon.

The rest of yesterday was spent in full errand and shopping mode–breakfast with Shawn, Richard and Thon, stop by Richard’s house to look at his hard wood floors, a stop by Jack and Adams to check on my bike and pick out another one to test ride today, a visit to the Vespa store to pick up information and brochures (yes, I’ve been jonesing for a scooter for a long time, but have never actually looked at one), a buzz by our house in progress to check on it, more cleaning at my current house, etc…

The night was capped off with one of the silliest and funniest moments in my life; the Mr. Sinus Show’s rendition of the movie “Footloose.” It’s much like Mystery Science Theater, where they play the movie and three guys make funny ass comments about it on mic throughout the entire film….freaking hilarious!

Off to swim and test ride a bike today! Plus, today is my 1 1/2 year anniversary with Shawn. I can’t believe I haven’t totally screwed it up yet!! In honor of him,

“Let’s hear it for the boy.
Let’s give the boy a hand.
Let’s hear it for my baby.
You know you gotta understand.
Maybe he’s no Romeo, but he’s my lovin one man show
Ohhhhhh…Let’s hear it for the boy!”

–Ah, flashbacks of “Footloose” and cheesy 80’s music. I LOVE IT!

3 thoughts on “Footloose Extravaganza

  1. Check out the Stella scooters….retro and very cool! I’m partial to the red baby. Sounds like your running group and coach are killer. House coming along and good guy by your side. Life is good! 😉

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