Testing 1..2..3

This is the toy I’m test riding for the next few days. In the infamous words of Stevie Wonder, “Isn’t She Lovely?” I picked her up from Jack and Adams today and they spent over 1/2 hour fitting me on this machine–for only a test ride. What a great tri shop! The bike is slightly too big for me, but it will at least give me a good spin and a feel for what this bike is capable of. I didn’t get a chance to ride today, but hopefully tomorrow. Plus, the colors couldn’t be more spectacular. I’m a huge Ohio State Fan and what better colors than scarlet and gray?

Shawn and I completed a short brick workout this morning.

3/4 mile swim at Barton Springs followed by 3.5 mile run on the trail
For some reason, I was struggling a tad on the swim. My laps got progressively slower…
lap #1 9:26 lap #2 9:44 lap #3 9:47
I was glad we opted not to do the mile…weird…

The rest of the day was great…A few errands followed by an early dinner at South Congress Cafe to celebrate our Anniversary (it’s where we met for our first date!), followed by a nap. We even signed up for the Marble Falls Sprint Tri on July 23rd.

Here’s to another week!


4 thoughts on “Testing 1..2..3

  1. Sweet ride!! Enjoy and let us know how it goes. So are you getting a new bike and fixing the current one?I’ll have to check on doing the MF tri. sounds like a blast!Happy Anniversary!

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