FINALLY…a test ride

Just as I suspected, I was pretty damn sore Tuesday morning from Jack and Adam’s Core Workout on Monday. Specifically, my legs/hips and arms were sore from the step-ups and the pushups. That didn’t bode well for my swim workout which, of course, works the arms and legs.

Luckily, I started in my own lane so I could take my time through the warm up. Soon after the 300m warm up, I was joined by a new guy—one of the coach’s friends. We did 2600meters of drills, pulls, fins and tempo work. I didn’t get the feeling this guy was looking to better his swimming technique. It seemed like he was there to hang with his buddy. No matter, he was still faster than me. I held onto the intervals that Coach set for me, but I wasn’t feeling very smooth in the water. I tried not to be too hard on myself about it. For me, swimming is still mostly about getting the distance and not the speed. I’ve come to terms that I’ll never be an Ian Thorpe or Michael Phelps.

Testing the Kestrel

After work on Tuesday, I FINALLY had a chance to test ride the Kestrel Air-Foil Pro. Can you say, “Sweet???” It took me a while to clip in and get used to the gears of this bike, but once I did, I actually felt like a middle aged man test driving his new Corvette. I swear I could see drivers, runners and other cyclists looking at me as I drove by. Well, they weren’t looking at me, they were admiring the machine (and hopefully my stellar aero-position form). I chose to ride around the Scenic, Exposition, Balcones, Lake Austin Blvd areas. There are plenty of bike lanes and wide roads. Plus, it’s a good course to test hills, flats and turns. I was having a blast during my 15 mile ride and I suffered very little form and leg fatigue. Granted my legs were sore from the last to days of workouts, but riding actually loosened those tight muscles a bit. I’d love to test ride it again and do a South Mopac time trial to see if I can beat my previous PR time. Perhaps the fine folks at Jack and Adams will grant me permission to keep the bike for a few more days so that I can do a Time Trial. Of course, I’m trying not to wear out my welcome with the bike, but they’ve been totally cool about me having it. Plus, they still have mine!

Tomorrow’s Gazelle Workout is the killer 4 mile Tempo Run on the Town Lake Trail. My previous PR is a 27:49 (sub 7:00 min miles). I’m hoping to come in around the same time. However, I do think the humidity and my sore muscles will have an effect.

2 thoughts on “FINALLY…a test ride

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