Catching Up and 1000’s on the Track

Like I said, it’s back to my regularly scheduled training now that I broke format for a few days and shared the good news! Thanks for indulging me 🙂

OK–so–this weekend I’m racing in a Sprint Triathlon in Marble Falls, Texas. I’m looking forward to it as it provides yet another weekend getaway. This time, we’re staying in Horsehoe Bay, which I hope will provide us with some pool time (not laps, but relaxing time!) and a possible massage. I haven’t even looked at weather conditions, but I’ll go out on a limb and say that it’s going to be blazing. It’s a 1K Swim/23 mile Bike/4.4 Mile Run…I’m hoping to push it a little bit and see what I’ve got. I’m used to longer distance, so it will be interesting doing a shorter race.

I returned the Fabulous Kestrel Airfoil Pro that I test rode for a week from Jack and Adams. It was a beauty and rode amazingly well….very smooth. I tested it on a couple of different course situations and she maneuvered perfectly. Basically, Adam recommended that if you have some money to spend on a new bike (let’s say $3500-$5000), it’s best to just go ahead and build a custom bike from scratch as opposed to a “stock” bike that may be a slightly imperfect fit. The money is the same and you’ll have a bike custom-made for YOU! Needless to say, it sounds wonderful, but I don’t exactly have $4000 laying around to spend. SOOOOOOO, I picked up my old bike with a loaner wheel. They’re still waiting on a part from Spinergy so they were kind enough to slap a back wheel on there so that I would have something to ride in this weekend’s race. I hope to get on it tomorrow and get reacquainted with the Mango Blur.

Had a good week at Gazelles. We did a 10 mile Pace Run on Monday morning. First two miles slow and then fall into Marathon goal pace for the last 8 miles. Overall, I ran an 8:03 pace for a total 1:21:56. I was very happy because the weather conditions were downright miserable.

Today’s workout was 1000s repeats on the track. I woke up late and completely missed the warm-up run to the track. Therefore, I just drove straight there and jumped into drills. I ran with a great group: Ann, Frank (not THE Anne Frank), Amy, Jennifer, Brian and Jonathon. We kicked ass and ran the repeats very consistently. #1 4:13 #2 4:10 #3 4:09 #4 4:05 #5 3:53
Afterwards, Gilbert made us do 4 x 200 butt kick sprints.
Because I didn’t warm up, I decided to slowly run the 3 mile loop as a cool down. Crazy, I know, but it felt good. Plus, I wanted some more miles.

Swimming tomorrow, long run Friday, rest Saturday and Race Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Catching Up and 1000’s on the Track

  1. You are amazin woman! The time you put into training… I’ve said it several times before, but you inspire me. Waiting for the post on the ring! Have fun!!!

  2. Great job on the repeats! I’m not quite ready for true speed workouts again, but Thon and I did 10 1-minute fartleks during our 7 mile run this morning. Have a great long run tomorrow!

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