Core Workout/Back to the Pool


It’s official: I’m a total dork. I was scheduled to go to Jack and Adam’s Core Workout last evening at 5:30pm for an hour of plank pose, back strengthing, push ups, pull ups and every other nightmarish childhood exercise you can think of. (or don’t want to) I was meeting Richard and Thon there so our misery would be shared. I changed clothes in my work parking lot (inside my car!!) and realized I forgot one thing, my shoes. Damn…I couldn’t do the workout. I did, however, have my cycling shoes and gear so I could go for a ride. I called Thon to tell him my unfortunate news and as he was abdicating me of any guilt, Richard (who was with Thon in the car) sent me a text message that said, “Guilt…You don’t need shoes to do core.” He was right. I could improvise any activity that involved running, but let’s face it, you don’t need shoes to do crunches and ab work and that AFTER ALL is the most important reason I am there. Soooooo…I found a pair of 1998 Disney/Mickey Mouse flip flops that I use for the pool and carted my ass over to Jack and Adams and grunted my way through an hour of core. The only exercise I had to modify was the “step-ups,” I did squats and lunges.


I ventured back to the pool this morning for the first time since last week’s disgraceful show of skill. I was much LESS fatigued this week and it wasn’t pure torture. It was, however, 2600 m that involved several speed sets both with and without paddles. I continue to receive great pointers and improvement tips from the coaches. The main speed set was:

Without Paddles
400m at 80% (I did it in 9:20)
200m at 85% (4:49)
100 at 90% (2:15)

With Paddles
400m at 80% (9:00)
200m at 85% (4:20)
100m at 90% (2:00)

That equates to “I still have a long way to go,” but I’m getting there. It also makes me wish that we could use paddles in the race! I haven’t even touched my bike yet this week, so I’m a tad nervous about the triathlon on Sunday. I’m doing my long run tomorrow morning of 12 miles, so I’ll hopefully go for a quick spin on Saturday–nothing heavy, just make sure the bike works!

2 thoughts on “Core Workout/Back to the Pool

  1. Sister…. good for you. Forget about the shoes and get on with the core! Swimming is such a hard thing for me. I know it’s all about form and I….well..let’s just leave that alone! 😉

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