Mile Repeats and my "I Love Austin" Reminder

This morning’s workout called for Mile Repeats at Zilker Park. The last time we did this was June 28th and my results were pretty similar. Once again, Coach G was a little upset that turnout was light today. People are skipping the hard days and then get upset when they don’t improve. As tough as these days are, I always feel so much more confident when I’m finished.

He put me in a group with Ann (my rabbit), Jennifer, Steve and Jessica(?). He was very adamant that we run the first one SLOW (relatively speaking, of course) and then he wanted us to shave 20 seconds off of the rest of them. That’s precisely what we did with much success. Starting slow was the best thing because I didn’t feel completely wiped out at the end. I was exhausted, but could’ve done one more if a gun was pointed at my head. Luckily, it wasn’t so I ran with Ann back to Runtex after four repeats.

Mile Repeat Comparison

June 28th
#1 6:54 (way too fast)
#2 6:53 (the uphill direction)
#3 6:53
#4 6:48

July 26th
#1 7:21 (he told us to go out slow)
#2 6:56
#3 6:55
#4 6:47

My “I love Austin” moment happened after workout when I decided to go to Whole Foods to grab some cereal and other goodies. I like to have a supply of food in the office at all times because, as most of you know, I’m ALWAYS hungry. Well, I got there about 5 minutes before they opened and other folks will milling about in the lobby area, pouring coffee and picking up their baskets. Well, right at 8:00am, this guy gets on the loud speaker all “Good Morning Vietnam” -style and is like, “Good Morning Austin!! It’s 8:00am and we’re now open! Welcome to Whole Foods! And have a GREAT DAY in Austin, Texas!” Now, had I not just finished a workout, I probably would’ve been annoyed at his fake-DJ sounding voice. However, the endorphins were flowing and the coffee was hitting my veins and it struck me as, well, pretty spectacular. It is a grocery store after all. But, it’s not just any grocery store. It’s Whole Foods. And it’s not just any Whole Foods. It’s THE Mother Ship of Whole Foods.

So, naturally I went in for a box of cereal and ended up coming out with 2 boxes of cereal (Kashi GO Lean Crunch), frozen berries, soy milk, a pint of quinoa and a black bean burrito for lunch. Whole Foods is the Target of grocery stores. You walk in intending to buy one item (say, a toothbrush) and end up spending $100 dollars on a bunch of other crap!

Gotta Love it!!

Jack and Adams Core is schedule for 5:30pm.

3 thoughts on “Mile Repeats and my "I Love Austin" Reminder

  1. You know something scary? They’re planning a WF in Boulder that’s going to be, like, 10000 square feet larger. Yeah. Although it’ll be really annoying not to have the biggest any more. But you know ours will always rock, just because so many people from corporate shop there all the time, so that’s something at least.

  2. I’m one of the ones who skipped the hard day. I’ll get off my butt and show up next Wednesday.Great job on the repeats!!!

  3. Blogger was hard to get into for some reason…power maybe? anyway…I missed reading your posts. Don’t you love WF??? I love the contagious attitude! Fun, tolerance, it’s a very ‘we’ve got a choice people!’ kind of place. Great race pic in previous post to! Heading to San Antonio next month. Looking forward to it! Any ring news??

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