7 Mile Recovery? Not Really

Because we ran 18 miles on Saturday, our run on Monday morning was 60 minutes or 7-miles, whatever worked best. It still feels odd to acknowledge that 7 miles is an “easy day,” but I’ll take it. He also wanted us to run “nice and easy” until we had 10 minutes left and then pick it up. Well, I’m not sure what was going on, but most of the group took off from the get-go and threw the “nice and easy” concept into the lake that we border on the trail. I hung back along with a few others and finished the 7 miles in 60 minutes exactly–including water breaks. That’s still a brisk 8:34 pace…hardly a “nice and easy” recovery pace. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a whole lot of energy at the end to pick it up much.

After everyone returned, we did 10 stride-out sprints where you focus on high knees and butt kicks and then we did some balance drills that (in his words) made our calves scream! We practiced jumping, side to side, forward and backward, one foot, etc. All great drills to work on balance!

I was going to go to the Jack and Adams Core, but worked way too late last night.


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