7 Mile Recovery–Now That’s More Like It!

After vascillating back and forth about whether I wanted to swim or run this morning, I finally decided late last night to meet Running Hubby Mike this morning at 6am for a true 7-mile recovery run. The swim class ends at 7am and I had to be to work by 8am for a meeting and didn’t have enough time to get home, shower and still make it on time. Plus, I’ll admit it, I just like running better and it’s something I look forward to!

Mike and I followed the same trail as yesterday and finished the same ol’ 7 miles in approximately 1:07 for a healthy recovery pace of 9:34 overall. It was a pleasant run despite the humidity and lack of energy we both seemed to share. We had a good time catching up, just the two of us, as we’re both going through similar life changing situations at the moment—buying and selling our houses and planning our weddings. (Not with each other, but with the respective loves of our lives).

It’s definitely a stressful time, but it’s made easier by working out and talking with friends. I’m glad I opted to run because you can’t converse with your head submerged in a pool–although I’ve been known to shout an obscenity or twelve under the water!


3 thoughts on “7 Mile Recovery–Now That’s More Like It!

  1. One of the better parts of the run is that all you need is a pair of shoes to do it.It’s been stressful around my world too. Thank goodness for training and the opportunity to blow off steam.Stay tuned…

  2. It was great catching up..let’s do it again soon..preferably on dirty berber.Hope your tempo run goes well! I’m sleepin’ in.

  3. Selling the houses…pain in the ass….stress from planning a wedding? ..that’s one of the BEST kinds! Keep running..just make sure it’s in the right direction, straight back to your man. Congrads again!

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