Week1: 45 Mile Bike Ride

Well, I’m officially out of my condo. There are still a few random boxes that need to be taken out, but for the most part, it is empty. I’m now officially crashing at Shawn’s apt. until our new house is complete in a few weeks. Nothing like living out of bozes to drive you crazy!!! Actually, it’s going to be a blast and we are both so very excited to start this new chapter. The only major drama happened when we went to move my cat Brutus up to the apartment. He did exactly what he did four years ago the last time he was in my car. He cried like a human baby and pee’d in the car. It broke our heart to see him so scared, but he’s already adjusting at the bottom of my feet right now. I thought it was funny that he went and hid in the closet that most of my clothes are in. I’m guessing he smelled my clothes. He smells my “scent” and now I smell his in my car…ugghhhh…I hope I can get the cat urine smell out at some point in my lifetime. That is the beauty of owning an Element. I can hose the hell out of that sucker!!

Because we moved all day today, I didn’t do an “official” workout. I did, however, ride 45 miles on Saturday morning. I did the SW Parkway/71/Bee Caves/360 loop twice. I did it nice and slow to get the mileage in…no real speedwork.

This week is going to be a busy one, but at least I’m no longer commuting between two different locations. Here’s hoping that the closing on my place goes through on Tuesday as planned!


5 thoughts on “Week1: 45 Mile Bike Ride

  1. Glad you’re out…that’s half the battle (literally!), then the next move into the new place. What a great time in your life! You’ve got the world at your feet!!

  2. So glad to hear the move out went smoothly (other than the Brutus incident). 🙂Good luck with your closing.Oh, and how does it feel to be living in sin???????

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