Week 2: 50+ Mile Bike Ride

“Strong and Sweet”

So I went to Starbucks this morning before my ride and ordered a coffee with Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup. When the woman handed me my coffee, she said, “It’s Strong and Sweet.” I took that phrase and hoped to apply it to my 50 mile ride today.

It was my first official training ride with T3. While I attend their swim workouts, I’ve never attempted to ride with the group. I guess I’m just fearful of being the slowest in any type of group ride situation. Today’s route was a 50 miler taking us through South Austin, Driftwood, Wimberly, Buda and back home. A lot of the roads were nice country roads with a fair amount of traffic. It wasn’t too bad, but I was certainly riding with caution. I was also riding with some speed today!

If you want to get faster, you have to train with those who are faster. I worked with that philosophy today and really tried to hang as much as I could. Much to my surprise, I did pretty darn good! I found myself in the middle between those who were really pushing the pace and those who were holding back and taking their time. The first half, I found myself riding by myself a lot after I lost my portion of the group. We all hitched up again at the midway point and I was able to hang with all of them for the 2nd Half of the route. It definitely pushed me faster than I would’ve normally gone, but it felt great! It was a good confidence builder and I avergaged a little over 18 mph for this ride. That includes several hill climbs!

6:45am 1/2 CLif Bar before ride
9:00am 1/2 CLif Bar during ride and one Power Gel and Bottle of Gatorade
10:30am Post ride–finished the Clif Bar


3 thoughts on “Week 2: 50+ Mile Bike Ride

  1. ‘Keeping up’ is one of the biggest intimidations of a group ride that I have. Funny, every time I’ve ridden in a group it hasn’t been a problem. I just assume someone is hangin back with me…even if they are, I’m thankful for the chance to join them! Not true in your case I’m sure. Way to hang with the ‘big kids’!

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