Week 3: Swim Class and Moments of Gratitude

Today was a pretty tough swim workout (aren’t they all for me???) The hardest part was just getting to the pool today. I was really freaking tired this morning for some reason even though I had slept soundly the night before. Our workout today was a ladder-style. 100, 200, 300,(all with paddles) 400 at 80%, 300 at 85%, 200 at 90%, 100 at 95%…Plus, lots of other drills and warm-ups before the actual speed set. I determined that I don’t actually have a 95% effort. I pretty much peak at about the 90% range and then I lose touch with my form.

Today’s total = 2800 yards

I interrupt this regularly scheduled training log to bring you, “A Moment of Gratitude.”

Over half the year has already passed and I realized that I haven’t actually “taken inventory” of all of the good things that have happened during 2006. Like most people, I spend most of my time bitching and moaning about how busy I am or how tired I feel (see above rant). I forget to just chill out and just relish in gratitude and happiness. So I started jotting down some of the overwhelming things that have happened to me so far this year.

1.) Joined Gilbert’s Gazelles last summer and met some of the most amazing friends, training partners and athletes.
2.) Ran Chicago last October and qualified for Boston with a 3:37.
3.) My ad agency won three Addy Awards this year at the Austin Ad Fed Awards Ceremony.
4.) My ad agency was nominated for “Ad Agency of the Year” by the American Women in Radio and Television. We didn’t win, but my boss did win the Trailblazer Award (Lifetime Achievement).
5.) I was elected to the Board of Austin’s American Women in Radio and TV Chpater.
6.) My comedy troupe “Gag Reflex” was invited and flew to perform at the DC Comedy Festival in April.
7.) Placed Top 10 in my Age Group at the Capital of Texas Triathlon. (PR of 2:36)
8.) Placed Top 15 in my Age Group at the 3M Half-Marathon. (PR of 1:34)
9.) Set a PR of 3:35 at the Boston Marathon.
10.) Set a PR at the Eagleman Half-Ironman of 5:44
11.) Qualified to Race in the IM70.3 World Championships in November.
12.) Placed Top 5 in my Age Group at the Marble Falls Triathlon.
13.) Taken some amazing trips this year including the New England Coast, Virginia/DC/Maryland, and the Pacific Coast Highway of California.
14.) Training to race the IM World Championship in November and the Dallas White Rock Marathon in December.
15.) Got engaged and am starting a new life with the coolest dude ever!!

And 2006 isn’t over yet!!

They are personal and professional achievements that I never thought possible. The one thing that every one of these accomplishments has in common is the fact that they all involve other people…my family, my fiancé, friends, training partners, coaches, colleagues, bosses, etc. Most importantly, they also involve faith, perseverance and determination on so many levels. Success never happens without the assistance and support of others. This is where I give my sincere “thanks” to those who are in my life. Thanks for listening to me talk incessantly about, well…ME. You have all made ME someone of whom I am very proud.

6 thoughts on “Week 3: Swim Class and Moments of Gratitude

  1. What a good woman you are! I checked out your new girlie’s web site as well as calorie-count.com. Very cool! Gratitude…what a great place to put yourself!

  2. And you should be proud as well. You rock! And you can pilot a boat full of rowdy (well, not too rowdy this time) runners too. Next time: more food! And wine. Lots more wine. And more swimming from everyone. And more wine. But no better people – that just wouldn’t be possible.Let’s hear it for Carrie!

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