Week 3: Run/Swim/Run

Kim-fucious say: “Falling behind on blog updates is not a good thing!” (My friend Kim is so wise) I hate it when work gets in the way 🙂 Seriously, it’s been a nutty week at work and I think we’ve picked up three new business accounts for various projects! How exciting is that? One of my favorite parts of working for a small ad agency is getting to meet the business owners that we service (not in THAT way)! We primarily handle small to medium businesses and I love getting to know about their industry. This week we met with a Financial Planner, Public Housing Authority, Cookie Company (I want this account!!!) and a Gynecologist. How do you top those for variety??? I don’t know that we’ll be doing any co-promotions with the OB-GYN and the Cookie company, but you can certainly feel free to insert your own jokes there about “sweet tasting” ingredients!

Surprisingly, I’ve been able to keep up my workouts this week in spite of it all.

On Wednesday, Thon talked Richard and I into skipping our regularly scheduled Gazelle run in lieu of another “Super Secret” 7 Mile Hilly run. After a couple of diversions and locked gates, prompting Richard to remark that it felt like we were playing a real life video game, we headed up Stratford (Holy Moly) and ran through the streets of Rollingwood. As usual, Richard does an amazing job of describing the course and actually showing the elevation levels of this run. Having run it a bit slower than normal, we thought that we would miss the Gazelles who were finishing their workout. Lo and Behold, Gilbert spotted us from a hundred yards away and gave us a little bit of a hard time for skipping Mile repeats in Zilker. Honestly, I think he was just happy to see us out there running if nothing else. We chatted it up with him for about 10 minutes and then soaked in Barton Springs for a few. What a spectacular and picture-perfect way to start the day.

I ended up meeting some media colleagues for Happy Hour on Wednesday night and had a grand old time! Our friend Kim was dispensing words of wisdom all night long prompting us to give her the nickname “Kim-fucious.” One of her quotes: “Disappointment is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.” You know, I believed that quote until another friend at lunch told me that her neck has been bothering her. She made sure she told me that she did not choose this suffering!! Damn…another fortune cookie proverb proved wrong.

I actually slept in this morning until 6am and headed to Barton Springs for an open water swim. So, I’m 2 1/2 laps into my 4 lap swim and I came face to face with a random swimmer. It’s fairly common to run into other swimmers. There is a major blind spot when the sun begins to rise over the Springs. I look up and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t Richard!! He and Thon had just finished their run and had leapt into the Springs! What a small little world we live in. I was actually swimming strong today–each of the 4 laps was between a 9:35 and 9:45. Ok, so it’s strong for me. I finished up around 7:45am, threw on my running clothes and headed out for a quick 4 mile run. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning in Austin and I relished in the opportunity to take it all in at my own pace.

This weekend, I’ll be hitting it hard with a long run and bike ride. In addition, I’ve got plenty of other obligations to keep every minute occupied.

Oh yeah–I also finally OFFICIALLY closed on my condo and made some moolah!! (wine glasses clinking) Most people would go out and buy new clothes. I’ll do that too, but my clothes will be running shoes, new bathing suits and some new tri shorts. Neiman Marcus sucks.

Wednesday: Very Hilly “Super-Secret” Run of about 7.5 miles
Thursday: 1 Mile Swim at Barton Springs followed by a 4 mile Run

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