Week 4: My Super Heroes

Mike: a.k.a “Running Hubby”
Superpowers: Can recover from debilitating injuries with patience and determination; Can get a girl to marry him within weeks of knowing her, Has an amazing decorating eye for “dirty berber” carpet; Loves Austin even though he’s an Aggie; Is a dedicated Austin Fit Running Coach; Has a serious “kick” at the end of most runs (except when he starts too fast!)

Superpowers: Makes homemade pasta like nobody’s business, Has a wit that is matched by no one, Can Race a 5k on Thursday nights and Run 18 miles on Friday morning without blinking an eye, Has a stellar alcohol tolerance, introduced many to the Wide World of Running Blogs before I ever knew what the hell one was; enjoys his new Garmin 305 almost way too much.

Superpowers: His name. There is no marathon without “thon”; Also has a stellar alcohol tolerance and a knack for texting well-timed photos and messages; Has an arsenal of kick-ass “super secret” runs, Can GMap ANYTHING in a millisecond; Superfast and way too humble about it; should be running with the “no-shirts.”

Individually, they are three incredibly talented, sincere, hard-working friends and athletes…strong in their own way. Each has overcome diversity in many forms. Each has lost 30-50 pounds each as a result of running and fitness.

Together, they are the unstoppable, “CARRIE’S BODYGUARDS!!!!!!!!!!”

Watch as this powerhouse threesome kicks some serious ASS at the Fila Relays this Friday Night! Unfortunately, their namesake (ummm…ME) will be out of town, but anxiously awaiting text and photo updates as “Carrie’s Bodyguards” score some points for the Gazelles in this city-wide competition.

Go “CARRIE’S BODYGUARDS!!!” I’m with you in spirit. Tell the unknown teammate Maxton that he’s gotta come through for us!


Here is the costume I designed for you:


3 thoughts on “Week 4: My Super Heroes

  1. Wow! I’m flattered. And, er, slightly scared by my costume. Mine’s an XL, by the way, and I think that the blue would work best with my coloring. Or whatever.You stay safe in Crested Butte (heh, I said butte) this weekend now, y’hear? Don’t make us come up there and protect you.Actually… hmm… Colorado… Austin in the summer… nah, you go right ahead and make us come up there. Please?

  2. Damn, I am going to save this blog forever and ever! That was really sweet of you. Have a great time this weekend. We’ll do our best for our namesake..and Gilbert too I guess. 🙂

  3. be sure both of you guys get water from me! i’ll be in the hula skirt (so will all my peeps at the water stop, but say hi)! j

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