Week 5: 7.5 Mile Run/Hitching to the Wagon

It’s amazing how sluggish one can feel after just one week off the normal routine. I hadn’t run in just over a week until this morning. I met Thon at 6am at Barton Springs for a 7-8 mile recovery run. While it certainly wasn’t fast and we certainly weren’t breaking any pace records, I was still shocked at how heavy I felt. Heavy as in “slow,” “weary,” “fat…” I couldn’t have picked it up a notch if I tried! All that said, it was certainly pleasant being back at it. It’s funny. I act as if I’ve been on a year-long hiatus!! It’s been one lousy week! We ran by a full moon until the sun peaked over the Austin skyline around 7:00am. By that time, we were almost finished. In lieu of dipping in Barton Springs, I hit the showers at work and got an early start on some work and Turkey Trot projects. If all goes well, we’ll launch the on-line registration of the race this weekend at www.thundercloud.com .

I’m also looking for a Volunteer Coordinator for this event as well. Ughh…It will be my 4th in as many years. Unfortunately, my friend Jill who was Coordinator last year has a new boss who probably won’t be as flexible with her schedule. It certainly involves a lot of time responding to emails and corresponding with potential volunteers. It’s just not a project I can do on top of making sure the event runs smooth on Race Day.

Nutritionally, as I mentioned in the subject line, I’m trying to stay hitched on the wagon even though it’s hard hanging on this week. Family is in town, big football game, late nights, dinners at restaurants and I’m behind in my Zone reading materials. I’ve given myself permission this week to take it easy. I will pat myself on the back for a couple of small victories today. While the rest of my office hit the vending machine for a 3 o’clock Snickers and Hershey Bar, I nibbled on my little Zone Bar. Then, tonight I was at a party where dessert was a cake decorated with a Texas Longhorn and Ohio State logo. While I responded initially at first glance with a Pavlovian Saliva-fest, I decided to leave the party before the cake was cut to avoid the potential pitfall. It’s not much, but every little bit helps!!

It just makes me wish I participated in Sports that didn’t require so much spandex!!!

2 thoughts on “Week 5: 7.5 Mile Run/Hitching to the Wagon

  1. Saliva fest…. I am cracking up. Sounds like something I would have done…leave before it ‘officially’ offered! haha! Don’t kock the spandex sister. I need all the ‘forgiveness’ I can get. Co fun?

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