Week 6: Run Circuit/ Extra Thoughts

So much to say…As I type this, I’m listening to CNN coverage from 9/11/01 as it happened. Call me a glutton for punishment, but I guess I just wanted to remember this day as it really was—horrifying, tragic, sad and disgusting. Yet, as I watch and listen to the events as they unfolded, I’m also reminded about how much we came together as a society, country and world. While I would never wish a moment like this on anyone again, I do hope that we strive for the unity that we had not long ago. On this same topic, the Austin American Statesman ran an article today about how the events of 9/11/01 affected the lives of everyday people. My friend and fellow gazelle, Erine Gray, was one of the featured profiles. He transformed his life after those events and became a Marathoner. I didn’t know him then, but based on what he said, I’m utterly amazed at the transformation he’s gone through in such a short time. This guy is gracious, supportive and so very fast! Interesting piece indeed…Way to go, Erine. You make us proud!

Completely switching gears—I had a FANTASTIC weekend as I celebrated the Buckeyes victory over the Longhorns! What made it so spectacular was getting to see friends and family who also made the trip to Austin. I got to hang with my brother, Aunt and Uncle, cousins and future in-laws. At the 11th Hour, we also scored 6 tickets together in the Ohio State section—SCORE! We’re eternally grateful to Shawn’s Uncle for the generosity. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep much after the game on Saturday night and, therefore, didn’t do squat in the way of training on Sunday. As I mentioned, I was giving myself permission this past weekend to get a little nutty! (and considering a Buckeye is a nut, I definitely took it to the extreme!)

I also began to notice that “Barney the Barnacle” (as I’ve named my pet cyst) had started to make a reoccurrence. I know it’s disgusting, but this little bastard has done a number on me and my training. Fortunately, I had a follow-up doctor appointment scheduled for this morning anyways. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I had to go through another round of shots and drainage in the “region.” Again, I’m so very sorry for the visual, but it’s my blog, damn it! It’s not nearly as bad as it was the first time, but it probably means another week without the bike. We’ll see…I know I’ll try my best! Hell, I’ll wear two pairs of bike shorts if I have to!

In spite of the reoccurrence, I did go to my Gazelle Circuit workout today as I try to resume some normalcy to the training log. We did the longer 2.5 mile warmup to Austin High and then proceeded to do another mile on the track alternating fast/slow every 50 yards. Afterwards, we did two rounds of circuit with pushups, abs, squats, lunges, jumps, step ups, etc. We finished with more balancing drills and Sommer and I took the short 1.6 mile direction back to Runtex. I’m hoping to hit the pool tomorrow as it’s definitely been a while!!

Finally, I just want to give some kudos to those who did some races this past weekend including Ironman Wisconsin. I’ve had the pleasure of following some people’s training through the visual, audio and written posts of their blogs and podcasts. These are people I’ve never met in person and, yet, feel a unique connection to as a determined competitor to always push beyond the comfort limits and strive for the seemingly impossible. Well, some finished the race and some didn’t. Either way, I’m still inspired by your words and actions. Congratulations to all for making it to the start line.


3 thoughts on “Week 6: Run Circuit/ Extra Thoughts

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