Week 7: 1 Mile Swim at Barton Springs

I looked for one all day. Hell, in the morning and at lunch on Wednesday, I had real-life adult legitimate excuses for not getting my swim in for the day. God would’ve forgiven me, my body would’ve been happy, the training schedule wouldn’t suffer that much, right?? ha ha ha ha ha ha I’ve learned two big things since I started being a “contender” :

1.) Your body is capable of so much more than you would ever imagine
2.) Your mind is far less forgiving then your body.

So, rather than suffer the mental guilt of doing nothing, I headed to Barton Springs Pool after 7pm and swam my mile. (4 x 400s) I took a quick breather in between each interval and left on the 10:00 mark for each lap.


The water was murky and definitely in need of a good cleaning (which happens on Thursdays), but it was so peaceful being out there when virtually no one else was in the pool. Seriously, at one point, I think there were only about 3-4 people in the entire Springs. I felt like I owned this treasure for a moment.

I got out feeling refreshed and relieved…Not to mention the fact that my mind was at peace for the day.

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