Week 9: 10 Mile Run/Recovery Week

I did a 10-Mile Run on Monday morning. The goal was to run the first 5 miles easy and the last 5 miles hard. Coach wanted the 2nd 5 miles to be 3-5 minutes faster than the first.

This workout today confirmed exactly what I already knew—I needed a “recovery” run more than anything else. While I completed the workout successfully juding by my two splits, it definitely wasn’t at any kind of race pace for me. Throughout the entire workout, I felt very relaxed cardio-wise, but was very aware of overall soreness and fatigue in my legs. Funny how that fatigue mysteriously disappears when I force myself to pick up the pace…When I finished, I did some strides to help loosen up the hips and I stretched for a bit. Imagine that–I didn’t feel as beat up.

1st 5 Miles 50:32
2nd 5 Miles 41:19

Completed Time 1:31:51

This is a Recovery week on the training schedule so I’ll be doing shorter, more intense workouts–except for that 20 Mile Run Looming on Friday morning.


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