Week 10: Swim

Today was slightly a comedy of workout errors, but I did manage to get a little workout in when all was said and done. I was going to swim at Barton Springs this morning, but we got some much needed rain this morning, making the skies dark when they weren’t full of lightening. Therefore, I didn’t really want to run or bike so I just headed into work early and got a lot accomplished! I had actually worn my swimsuit to work today underneath my jeans and shirt as a constant reminder to myself that I was not going to weasel out of a swim today. My plan B was to go at lunchtime, but my boss invited me to lunch and we ended up going to get our nails done afterward (the rough life of advertising). Sooooo…that left me with after work.

I went over to the YMCA and conducted a short, but effective workout.

I did a 600meter warmup followed by 10 x 50m intervals on the :20. I was moderately pleased with how the workout went.

In the warmup, I averaged between 1:11-1:16 per lap and during the speed intervals, I averaged between 1:04-1:06. I only completed 10 x50s, but could’ve easily done at least 15. I say that now, but I know I was huffing and puffing during the swim.

I ended the workout with another 500meters using just the pull buoy between my legs and no paddles. I did this to focus on my arm movements and form.

So, total workout was only about 1600meters, but it was a good one.

Hopefully, I’ll swim again tomorrow after my run if it’s not raining!


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