Week 10: 7-Mile Run and 2000m Swim

Did 7-Mile Fartlek Run with Mike and Thon on Wednesday morning and followed that up with a 1.4 Mile swim at Barton Springs (2000m). Felt good about the energy of the morning workouts after a very slow, groggy, start….More on that in a few days

I’m getting ready to go to Ohio over the weekend to watch my brother run in the Columbus Marathon. His email to me pretty much sums up the Marathon experience:

He wrote:
“I have two goals for the marathon, the first is to cross the finish line and the second is to not die. If I do both of those then I’ll be happy. “

Amen, brother.
Run like hell and know that I’ll be watching you.
(Just don’t break a 3:35 or I’ll be forced to whoop your ass at the Whiterock Marathon in December)

Can’t wait to be the proud sister!!!


2 thoughts on “Week 10: 7-Mile Run and 2000m Swim

  1. have you heard the latest on the austin marathon course? i am trying to decide if i will do the half or the full (or maybe not at all). last i heard they were still trying to make it faster but haven’t seen the latest edition to the course.

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