Week 13: 14 Mile Mt. Bonnell Run

“Mt. Bonnell is my taper.”

I didn’t mean for it to be the theme for this morning’s run, but it ended up being that way.

I didn’t mean for it to sound cocky, pretentious or over-confident. Most would assume that’s what it meant. My running partners understand what I mean.

It’s not about disrespecting my training. It’s about respecting my body and evaluating my current mental and physical strength.

Adding Mt. Bonnell to any workout builds confidence. Adding Mt. Bonnell to a workout a week before my race makes me feel ready…and…trained.

I met Amy this morning at 5:30 to do our 14 Mile Run. It was cold (low 40s) and we, of course, over-dressed. About 2 miles in to the run, we met up with Julie–Amy’s massage Therapist. Julie ran with us for several miles as we marched towards Bonnell. The sun started to rise the same time our run started it’s rise. we couldn’t help but remark at the gorgeous sunrise that we were lucky enough to witness. Absolutely stunning…

The run was a good strategic one…First couple of miles in the low 9:00’s, the middle miles in the 8:40s-8:50 range, Mt. Bonnell was a 9:24…The way back home got gradually faster…8:30, 8:24, 8:06, 8:06…start slow and end fast. The way it should be done.

Hopefully, that’s how my triathlon will also go next week.

4 thoughts on “Week 13: 14 Mile Mt. Bonnell Run

  1. Makes sense to me – nice, comfortable, welcoming. Nothing quite says Austin like a sunrise run up Mt. Bonnell. You are so ready, Carrie, you are going to surprise even yourself next weekend.Don’t forget to eat your tacos today, though. One must fuel for success.

  2. Few will understand the irony of putting Mt Bonnell and taper in the same sentence. Great job. You are definitely ready phyically and mentally. Can’t wait to hear the results and story!

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