In Transition

I’m writing this entry from home in Columbus, Ohio after a couple weeks of swirling around in the activity of work and holiday business. I was in the Bahamas with Shawn and his family for a few days for good food, good company and good sunshine. The snorkeling wasn’t bad either! (The gambling is another story!) I literally dropped my bathing suit and summer clothes off in Austin and hopped on another flight back home to Ohio with a suitcase packed with flannel, turtlenecks and all of the other Columbus necessities–including an appetite! I joined my high school girlfriends for dinner last night for laughter and good (or not so good) advice on marriage and kids! It’s humorous to recount our memories year after year, only to transition into conversations like, “How often do you and your husband have sex?” “Are you always tired after giving birth?” It’s a far cry from our conversations of year’s past…”Can I bum a smoke?” and “Aren’t you wearing the same outfit you had on last night?!” Instead of going out at 10pm, we were nestled back at Laura’s by 10pm enjoying Bud Light and –yes—ZIMA!!!!! (I remarked to Lisa that I don’t think I’ve had Zima since I was like 14 years old)

Now…it’s on to the business of family traditions. My Greasy-Wop, Dago, Italian family gets together and gathers in the basement of Aunt COnnie’s house to make homeade ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs. It’s me and a bunch of Soprano looking Aunts and COusins. This tradition of throwing dough and eating half-baked meatballs–just to make sure there’s enough garlic—is by far, one of my favorite days of the year. It’s also one that I will pay for by running a few extra miles! We literally mop the dough in white flour!!!

Happiest of Holidays to all from wherever you are spending it!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “In Transition

  1. Spending time with loved ones while making food sounds like a perfect way to spend Christmastime.Have a very Merry Christmas!Stay tuned…

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