I Wanna Come Out and Play

I can hear that little pesky voice inside my head.

For some strange reason, that voice sounds like a little boy who is no older than 5-6. Maybe it’s a throwback to my brothers who would tease me as the only girl in a household of boys.

It’s that voice that says, “You’re slacking. Why are you sleeping in? Look at all of those people on the track. You should be out there right now. You’re going to lose your fitness and gain a bunch of weight.”

You see, the trouble with living right across the street from a popular running track is that I get to see several people doing repeats both before and after work. A couple of running groups meet at O’Henry on a consistent basis including T3, Runtex, Fit 2 Train and others.

This week, I’ve felt like the little sick kid that can’t play with the other kids. My right leg is just really acting up at the moment. I don’t know how else to describe it except to say that it feels like shin splints, or a torn muscle, or a stress fracture–all very typical common “overuse” injuries. It’s painful just above the ankle. When it first started hurting in Columbus, I thought I had my shoes tied too tight. I remember stopping for water with my friend Karl and loosening my shoe because it felt sore. It hasn’t been the same. Of course, that didn’t stop me until my New Year’s Day Run with Shawn, Thon and Amy. It definitely hasn’t recovered from that. I’m afraid to swim because it will hurt to kick. I’m aqua jogging today and tomorrow–BORING!! Maybe this is Mother Nature’s way of jump starting that core and toning portion of my resolution.

In the meantime, I’m really listening to Mother Nature’s request to actually rest. I’ve been sleeping in until 7am this week and arising by the natural sunlight. I’m enjoying going downstairs in our new home and making coffee. I get excited to make cereal and sit on our new barstool in front of our newly working wireless internet. And then, I look out the door and see that track.

Don’t worry. I’ll be back out there before too long.


5 thoughts on “I Wanna Come Out and Play

  1. aquajogging kind of sucks, but it’s kind of entertaining if you’ve got people to go with. AND it’s better than nothing. Just keep reminding yourself that a few weeks off now might save you from 7+ weeks of aquajogging and doctor’s threats and all that nonsense. Stress fractures suck!

    Hang in there. I definitely feel for you.

    P.S. go to the dr and get a diagnosis!


  2. Just listen to your body Carrie…you had an awesome year and really pushed yourself. Now is the time to rest…sit back and smell the coffee. 🙂

  3. Good for you (that you’re listening to your body)! Rest and enjoy your time doing some of the crap you can’t get done because you’d be training (like wedding stuff!). Get better!

  4. Seconded on the doctor. A good sports doc will listen to you and understands about weird, arbitrary training deadlines as well. But yeah, take it easy for a week (or even two), relax, and cross off some other resolutions with your copious spare time… You’ll be back before you know it.

  5. ditto to what Franks said! Make the negative into a positive and enjoy the time “off”. As long as you keep your cardio with the aqua-jogging, you will be able to come back real quickly.

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