How to Plan a Wedding in One Day

By: Carrie and Shawn

It was stealth, it was fast, it was furious. If it was a race, we SO would’ve won. Our transitions were smooth, our pace was consistent and our nutrition was right on target. It was Wedding Planning Weekend in Ohio.

We flew to Columbus on Friday night and began our whirlwind weekend of meetings, food samplings, drive bys, family gatherings, final selections and check writing.

By the end of the weekend, we felt confident about our three big decisions for the weekend.

Photographer: Karen Evans with (she TOTALLy got what Shawn and I are about. Plus, she promised to bring Nick Lachey along. How could we…I… say “no”?)

Cake: Katie Koivisto with the Cake Studio (God bless cake samplings. One slither was just not enough! We decided that we’re just going to pretend to be newly engaged for the rest of our lives so that we can just go around and sample wedding cake for free!)

Reception: The very swank and hip Burgundy Room in the Short North area of Coumbus. (Their sign out front says, “Wine…Tapas…Fun” Enough Said)

We even got out of there just before the thermometers ruptured with record breaking lows. It was hell walking around for more than a few minutes since it was a whopping 12 degrees. Needless to say, as I look out the window right now in Austin, Texas, I’m happy to be back to my sunny 68 degree temps.

Now, we can turn the focus to other more important aspects like planning the Honeymoon!
Thank God I don’t have to pack my bike for that one!

I did get up and run about 6.5 miles in 54 minutes for an 8:20 pace average. God, it’s good to be back.

Oh yeah–I did gain a pound last week in the Weight Loss Challenge, but I suspected it. No worries. I’m feeling good.

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