Getting through the dread

Doesn’t it always happen that the things we dread doing the most almost always turn out to be the most rewarding and saisfying experiences upon completion? Running a 20-miler…getting up at 5am to train when it’s cold and rainy…attending Catholic Marriage Preparation. huh? gasp! Last night, we finished our final meeting with good ‘ol Deacon John. It was this guy’s job to counsel us and make sure we’re ripe for the marriage pickin. Poor bastard. We both had our moments of, “Do we have to do this?” and “Are we going to hell for most of the things that we do?” We had great discussions and bad discussions. We had nights where we could’ve talked for hours and nights where we didn’t want to say a word. All of it stems from fear…pride…ego. Ahh, the old familiar barriers. Those damn things get in the way of so much sometimes. We were both expecting to be lectured about Jesus and birth control and co-habitating and the ten commandments and all of the other “guilt-inducing” subjects. It wasn’t like that it all. It was real-life dialogue about finances, personalities, baggage, our current families and our future families. Everyday topics that don’t discriminate based on Religious Beliefs or practices. Everyone should WANT to take a class like this before marriage. If nothing else, it exposes weaknesses and questions before it’s too late.

So, we passed and have been given the all-clear to get hitched! (yay for us) We both left last night almost thinking, “That’s it? That wasn’t so bad.” It wasn’t excrutiating at all. In fact, the benefit FAR outweighed the dread of going.

It was much like working out and training for a big race. I dreaded getting up at 5am on Monday morning so that I could meet Julie, Amy and Jennifer for 9 1/2 miles of running in the fog and mist. It turned out to be a very pleasant run. I dreaded getting up this morning for my 6:00am cardio brick workout which consisted of 30 minutes on the spin bike and a 30 minute run set that included drills and speed intervals. However, after finishing both, I felt all the better for it.

It’s good to have difficult things in our life that we just don’t look forward to. It’s tackling those projects that make us stronger, better and more complete as individuals and couples.

If only they didn’t often involve getting up so damn early!!


One thought on “Getting through the dread

  1. Boy…those classes sure have changed in the last 20 years! I remember my husband falling asleep one of the nights (we went on an ‘Engagement Encounter Wekend’). He was pissed! LOL! You gotta do what you gotta do. Glad to know things have evolved!

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