Health Permits…Who Needs Them?

Well isn’t this just my luck?? So, I get really excited about my progress in the pool. I’m feeling stronger and more confident. I’m beginning to channel my inner Michael Phelps. So, I go to my gym the other day to do a Swim Ex pool workout and I see a big fat red notice on the wall. “The pools are closed down for the time being”…something about a health permit…details, details… No word on when they will be “legal” in the eyes of the City of Austin Health Inspectors. Knowing my dealings with city permits, it could be June. I’ll hope for the best! Barton Springs is also closed for cleaning until this weekend.

I’ve taken this weeek to have some good quality running workouts.

Monday: 9 Mile Run

Freaking Julie and I kicked off the week with a ball-buster of a morning run. Exposition to 35th. 35th up Balcones to Mt. Bonnell…Mt Bonnell to 2222 and back. 9 miles of steady hill climbing in the dark. Is it weird that we were trying to figure out the difference between planets and stars because we could SEE them so clearly??

Tuesday: 8 Mile Run

I played a little game with myself. I warmed up from my house down to the Rock (about 1 mile). I told myself, “If I see Thon, Amy, Julie and the gang, I’ll run with them. If not, I’ll continue to the Austin High Track for the Circuit Workout.” Lo and Behold, as I’m approaching the Rock, I see my gaggle of pals coming slowly towards me. They quickly (and very easily) talked me into running with them instead of going to circuit. Of course, I pretty much felt guilty about it the entire run, but I did go home and work on some core for a while after the run. We did the 3 mile loop on the trail, followed by the lake Austin Blvd/Enfield/Exposition triangle.

Wednesday: Spin/Elyptical

I got up this morning and went to Spin Class, followed by 30 minutes on the Elyptical machine. Really digging the spin instructor…smart, efficient workouts…Disappointed that the pools were still shut down.

Damn…hope I don’t lose my mojo 🙂

This Saturday morning, I’m signed up to do a Bod Pod Fitness test which will measure my overall fitness level, BMI, Fat%, etc. This will be the real indicator of where I’m at so that I don’t constantly stay fixated on the scale numbers. I know I’ve got 7-8 pounds of extra body fat that I’d love to kiss goodbye. I feel good…I feel healthy…I feel fit. Hopefully, the results will be just as encouraging.

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